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Workout Gear That Actually Improves Your Workout

By January 11, 2015Self-Improvement

Trainermat Sport Performance Mat – $29.99

This training mat was designed by professional trainers and used by elite athletes. Even if you’re not Kobe Bryant or Maria Sharapova, this piece of workout gear will take you to the next level. What makes this mat different from others is that it has 24 essential exercises printed right on the mat and acts as a guideline for your next workout. These exercises aim to build muscle strength and elasticity and for its cheap price, we would splurge on these bad boys!

Yaktrax RUN – $39.99

For all you winter runners, this is the perfect workout gear to accommodate your winter run! Just attach these traction devices to your running shoes and you’ll minimize the risk of slipping and injuries during your run. Never fear the wintry elements again with these!

S-LAB Light Jacket M

Ventilation, protection and comfort are what embodies this light running jacket! These lightweight jacket block wind and rain when you’re out for a run. The cool thing about them is that you can curl them up into a tiny ball if it’s not too cold for you!

Misfit Shine – $79.99

Track it all with this wearable workout gear technology: sleep, fitness routine, and food intake, wear it as a pendant or as a watch, and let it do all the tracking work for you! You’ll be able to decipher the quality of sleep you get during the night, how many more steps until you reach your daily goal, and how many more calories you have left before you go overboard! It’s also waterproof and comes in many colours.

Under Armour Speed Form Apollo Running Shoes – $99.99

A favourite amongst consumers, this shoe is precise and comfortable to run in. Its lightweight body make you feel like you’re not wearing any shoes at all and the patented 4D Foam conforms to your foot’s shape, minimizing the risk of slippage and injury. A piece of workout gear you should always invest on are shoes because what’s the use of a shoe if it’s going to be detrimental to your workout routine?

JUNO Sports Bra – $60.00

Supportive and comfortable even for the biggest of busts, this bra will certainly hold your girls in place while you’re working out hard. Awarded a “Fitness Award Winner” by Women’s health, this sports bra comes in many colours and many sizes.

Reebok PWR Fitted Capri – $50

These workout gear bottoms feel light but will never betray your luscious curves, no matter how hard or light you train. You can bet your bottom dollar that these capris will hug you in all the right places, while wicking away moisture and increases ventiliation.


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