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May 2015

How To Spark A Healthy Debate In A Relationship

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Never have a disastrous argument again! Debating in a relationship is a healthy means of keeping the spark alive. By engaging in a civil disagreement with your partner once in a while can help provide mental stimulation and it also shows how the two of you can tolerate and live with each other’s clashing values. Here are 5 relationship rules to follow when having a healthy debate. Read More

5 Great First Date Ideas for Spring That Won’t Break the Bank

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Who said first dates had to be expensive? When living on a budget the key is to use your imagination to keep dates simple, yet fun. Use nature as a backdrop instead of a trendy restaurant or suggest brunch hangs rather than dinner (always cheaper in the end). Let your wallet breathe this spring when you take a few tips from this list of first date ideas that won’t break the bank! Read More