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5 Signs That Say You’re Not In The Friend Zone

By May 18, 2015Dating Tips


There are so many articles out there about “Signs You’re In The Friend Zone” and “How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone,” that we forget about the signs showing that you’re not in the friend zone! Read on to find about how these signs show you’re not in the friend zone and go get them!

Lingering Periods Of Eye-Contact

When they look deep into your eyes for a comfortably long period of time and you feel an intimate and tense connection, then that’s a sign that you’re not in the friend zone. Robb Seaton from says that if you’re also able to look closely at their pupils, dilated pupils mean that there’s a chance they find you attractive. It’s a reflex that’s out of our control, so if by chance your love interest is trying to hide their feelings for you, their eyes give it all away.


Simple touches may signify more than just affection; there’s a high possibility that they could also be attracted to you. Psychologia emphasizes the importance of body language when deciphering how much a person is attracted to you. By highlighting that more touching means more attraction and whether the touching is on purpose or not, what is important is how you react to their touch. The more positive the reaction, the more they’ll pick up on the positive signals. This can lead to even more certainty that your love interest is attracted to you and wants to move beyond the friend zone.

Late Night Phone Calls

We’re not talking about late night booty calls! We’re talking about long meaningful talks before you go to sleep. One of the sure signs that you’re not in the friend zone is whether you two can hold long conversations at odd times of the day. This means that the other person is invested in getting to know you at any time of the day.

One-On-One Dates

One of the signs that you’re definitely out of the friend zone, is when your love interest goes out with you on one-on-one dates and doesn’t ask if anyone else is coming! This could mean that they’re jumping at the opportunity to be alone with you! Take advantage of this and make your one-on-one dates really special!

You’re Pretty Much in Every Aspect of Their Life

If you’ve gone on dates with them, go on shopping trips, and have even met their family, those are definite signs that they see you as more than a friend! Combine this sign with the others and it’s a guarantee you’re not being friend zoned.

What Are You Waiting For?

Go tell them how you feel and what you’d like to happen! According to Psychology Today, one of the easiest ways to solidify your position outside of the friend zone is to simply be bold and ask them straight out. It might be a lot harder to carry this out in real life, but there’s only one way of knowing how your love interest feels about you.


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