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Restoring the Balance

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Well you’d have to be hiding in a cave (and if you do, I hope you have a big, cuddly cave bear living with you) to have missed the celebrity sex accusations that have been gumming up the media lately.

#metoo is everywhere and it is about time that this massive wave of fighting back has crested. Too long people in positions of power have abused their celebrity or authority to gratify their sexual needs. No one should have to go to work or school or in cases of caretaker or parents, even home and have to be used as an object to humiliate or use. Read More

Corset turn you on? Of course it does!

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Get it?

All kidding aside, corsets have been around a long time and are considered by many cultures to be both erotic and also a practical piece of underwear. Some also believe it’s is a restrictive and uncomfortable way of controlling women. Did you know there was a time when even infants were loosely corseted to begin their  corset-wearing career? When looking online for local singles, consider talking about underwear and sexy things that you find attractive or enjoy wearing.

For the not so faint of heart, let’s take a closer look at the history of; the Corset!

Some loathe and despise, others salivate and fantasize but almost everyone has an opinion of the corset. Corset date as far back as 1600 BC, wow that’s a lot of sweating uncomfortable women…and men for other reasons! Read More

Blog: Great Personality, Horrible Sex & How to Deal

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There’s nothing more disappointing than connecting with a date everywhere, but in the bedroom! You know the story: the conversation is easy, your personalities work perfectly together and then you have sex – and it’s awful. Not sure how to deal? We’ve got a few options (from the extreme to the super mature) that just might make it all easier. Read More

Blog: Skype Sex 101

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Got a partner who doesn’t live in the area, but you’re hungry for some lovin’? Thanks to today’s advances in tech, you can take traditional phone sex up a notch into virtual video territory. But before you make the move into online hanky panky, check out these tips to help get you started! Read More