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Do Aphrodisiacs Really Work?

By December 3, 2016Sex, Uncategorized

From the normal to the bizarre, aphrodisiacs have been around for a long time when people are looking for means to boost the level of their sexual desire or the desire of others.Whether you believe in them or not, scientific evidence from this Time article suggests that it’s the placebo effect of believing that something will boost your desire is really what’s at work here. However, some things can actually trigger arousals in certain ways, like taste, touch, or even hearing certain things. Here we break down the most effective love boosters:


As a treat, chocolate is sweet and addictive. As an aphrodisiac, it has been associated with love and romance for many years.  According to How Stuff Works, due to its feel good chemicals, chocolate makes us feel good in a similar way like when we’re in love. Because of the similarities in the body chemistry, chocolates are a great aphrodisiac in increasing intimacy.


Not everyone’s a fan of oysters, but since they are known to be high in zinc, it is associated with improving the sexual potency in men. National Geographic suggests that oysters are an aphrodisiac especially for straight men because they resemble a woman’s genitals.


Something about the riffs of a guitar or the sultry voice of a singer that puts us in the mood. Similar to chocolate, music releases feel good hormones and when placed in an intimate setting, this can be known to boost the sexual drive. Be wary though; your type of music may not be pleasant to your partner’s ears! Pick music that you know the both of you can enjoy!

Chili Peppers

According to How Stuff Works, the exotic reputation and bright red colour has made chili peppers a symbol of love. Additionally, since chilli peppers also stimulate endorphins, speed up the heart rate, and also make you sweat, it all mimics the symptoms of how your body responds when you’re near someone you’re attracted to! So for dinner, spice up your dish with this spicy aphrodisiacs and watch the sparks fly!


Bet you never heard of this aphrodisiac before! Bembu realizes that while watermelons are not usually thought of as an aphrodisiac, this juicy fruit contain lycopene, which is responsible for relaxing blood vessels and increases blood circulation in your body, much like the effects of a sex-enhancing drugs.


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