QuestChat for Women

QuestChat is smart, safe and private – making it the perfect choice for women looking to meet local singles. We always keep your contact information totally confidential, so you can connect with singles without worrying about your personal details being released. All you have to do is focus on having fun and creating some amazing conversation.

Thousands of women choose QuestChat as their preferred way to meet new people because of the amount of control QuestChat offers. With a single press of a button (or touch pad) you can easily skip or block another user. So if you’re not feeling his personal greeting or he’s just not your type, he can be gone in a split second. And the best part is he’ll never have to know!

Oh, and did we mention that ladies always chat for Free on QuestChat?

It’s like having ladies night every single night (and day) of the week. You’ll never have to worry about your minutes running out or being interrupted just as you find “Mr. Right”.

On the QuestChat mobile dating app, you have even greater control over how you connect. With features like text messaging, photo messaging, video messaging, voice messaging and live voice connection, you’ll never have the same conversation more than once. You get to decide how you want to connect, when you want to and who you connect with. If only real life was this easy!

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