Safety Tips

QuestChat is a fun, safe and private way to meet other local singles for fun conversation! It’s a great way to make new friends and start meeting new people in your own local area. We’re proud that QuestChat is full of real local singles. We’ve never had paid operators on the line and never will. Why? Because QuestChat is the leading chat network for local singles across North America – there’s no need!

Should you decide that you want to take your conversation offline and meet someone in-person after speaking on QuestChat, we encourage you to practice caution and to stay safe. Online dating and phone dating is very normal these days, but we still want you to take care of yourself and encourage you to read through the following safety tips. Please understand that QuestChat is in no way liable or responsible for any offline meetings.

Protect Your Personal Information

QuestChat is completely private and confidential, meaning we keep your contact details a secret and never release them to any other member. However, you might decide to give another user your real phone number during a live connection or mention your full name. Should you decide to share personal information with someone you don’t fully know, it’s important you understand there is a risk. We strongly urge all QuestChat users, and online daters in general, to protect their personal information and  contact details – especially when dealing with someone you don’t really know yet.

Take It Slow and Enjoy the Conversation

If someone is pressuring you to meet with them in person or exchange contact information but you’ve hardly spoken, this is a red flag. Take it slow and enjoy the conversation – why rush it?! If there’s a real connection felt by both parties, the other person will respect and understand your wishes to speak at least a few times before taking the relationship offline. If another user ever makes you feel uncomfortable, you can easily block them from contacting you via QuestChat and are encouraged to report them to the Customer Service team. We cannot be responsible for offline communication, so make sure you’re absolutely, 100% comfortable with any decision to exchange personal contact information.

Do Some Research Before You Meet

This might sound like a bit much, but conducting a little Internet research on someone you’re thinking of going on a date with or forming a relationship with is totally normal in today’s society. You can never be too careful, so we encourage all our users to take some time and really look into who they’re considering meeting offline prior to meeting. This might mean doing a little searching, checking a few social networks, or even running a background check. How you do your research is completely up to you, but we always encourage making an informed decision.

Meet in a Safe, Neutral and Public Place

NEVER meet someone for the first time inside their home or in anywhere where there aren’t other people or isn’t an easily accessible exit. We recommend meeting in a safe, neutral and public place. What does this mean? Well, a safe place would be somewhere you feel comfortable. It’s well-lit, has an easily accessible exit and where you would normally spend your time – like a local coffee shop or popular restaurant. A neutral place is somewhere that either of you could go on a normal day alone – like a bookstore, restaurant or other public establishment. A neutral place is not “your place” or “his”. A public place is somewhere where you’re not alone and there are other people around – like a mall, the movies or a local fair.

If you have to drive to get to where you’re meeting, we recommend driving yourself or taking public transit. We never recommend getting into a vehicle with anyone you don’t know. If the person your meeting offers or insists on picking you up, politely decline and let them know you’ll meet them there instead.

If you feel pressured to meet someone somewhere that doesn’t sound safe or that makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t go. A real connection would understand that safety always comes first and would encourage you to meet somewhere public and neutral. Once you get to know each other better, you can always change up where you meet and eventually take it further – but there’s no need to do that straight away.

It’s OK To Use QuestChat for Talking Only

You do not have to meet anyone in person and are absolutely encouraged to use QuestChat for talking and conversation only. It’s why QuestChat was created! If you ever feel pressured to meet with someone offline but don’t want to, then don’t. Tons of local singles use QuestChat as a way to make phone friends, have some fun conversation or take a break from their busy day-to-day lives. It’s normal, totally OK and never has to lead to anything “more”.

Always Make Your Own Travel Arrangements

Since QuestChat is available all across North America, it only makes sense that you would want to use it while traveling! Whether you’re using the QuestChat phone chat line or mobile dating app, we advise taking extra precaution when meeting up with other users while traveling. The best thing you can do to keep safe and have a good time is to always make your own travel arrangements – and keep them private!

Never share the name or address of the hotel you’re staying at, and definitely keep the room number to yourself. Keep your travel and stay information to yourself and meet away from where you’re staying – once again in a public, safe and neutral place.

Stay True to Yourself and Maintain Your Boundaries

Always use your best judgment when meeting someone new or contemplating forming a new relationship. It’s important to stay true to who you are, what you believe, and what you feel comfortable with. Never allow yourself to feel pressured or forced to compromise your boundaries. Sometimes, it can be helpful to clearly define the type of offline meeting you’re planning. Instead of leaving it as a vague “meet” or “hang out”, use words like “coffee date” or “night at the movies”. This makes it clear that you intend on going to a specific place and taking part in a specific activity. The more clearly you define what you’re looking for and what you’re not, the better experiences you will have – on QuestChat and off.