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Zodiacs in Love

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Some people don’t put much stock in what astrology has to tell us about our love lives but some cultures spent lots of time and energy into researching what’s in store based on the stars. Even if you’re not one of those people, it still might be fun to read about!


So, just in time for Valentine’s Day, let’s have a look at what sign you should be looking for in that special someone.


Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18 Friendly/Stubborn


Element: Air

Your Most Sensitive Body Part: Calves and ankles

Lucky Color: Electric blue

What You Bring To The Table: To tolerate with a smile on your face

Your Bad Love Habit: You have a tendency to be aloof

Perfect Matches: Sagittarius and Gemini. Sagittarius is just as social and adventurous as you are and a life together will be creatively rich, fun, and can survive the test of time. Gemini will complement you so well that together you will make such a charming couple that your attendance will be in high demand at all your mutual friends’ dinner parties. But you won’t always want to go because staying in — in the bedroom — will be way more fun

Your Opposite Sign (because opposites attract): Leo. You will be attracted to Leo’s natural charisma and passion for art. Leo will be attracted to your natural sparkle. Yet trouble may brew when your detached nature ruffles Leo’s plumage of pride, while a lion’s selfishness may turn you cold

Sign to avoid: Virgo. With Virgo’s need for order, you’ll literally feel like they’re trying to domesticate your wild spirit


Pisces Feb 19 – Mar 20 Intuitive/Escapist


Element: Water

Your Most Sensitive Body Part: Feet

Lucky Color: Mauve

What You Bring To The Table: Sensuality, generosity, and a distinctive style all your own

Your Bad Love Habit: You dream big in love, but don’t always deliver

Perfect Matches: Cancer and Scorpio. Cancer will feed your soul. Your dreaminess add some spice to Cancer’s love life while the crab’s protective nature will warm you from the inside out. Scorpios will be highly attractive to you. Many Scorpio/Pisces couples claim that they fell in love at first sight. Both of you have emotions that run very deep and you have a mutual dark interest in the unusual

Your Opposite Sign (because opposites attract): Virgo. Your creative nature will get Virgo to loosen up and their need for stability will keep you grounded. But if you’re looking for passion, Virgos may have a hard time delivering

Sign to avoid: Libra. Their may be an initial spark, and you might find them a fun frolic in the sheets, but your sensitive nature will bother Libra as their constant need for solitude will baffle you


Aries Mar 21 – Apr 19 Generous/Short tempered


Element: Earth

Your Most Sensitive Body Part: Face and head

Lucky Color: Red

What You Bring To The Table: Virtue, adventure, and optimism

Your Bad Love Habit: You don’t think before you jump!

Perfect Matches: Leo and Sagittarius, both have enough energy to keep up with you. With Leo, you’ll learn the fine art of sharing the spotlight, and you’ll definitely start sparks in the bedroom with a Sagittarius!

Your Opposite Sign (because opposites attract): Libra, though a marriage may be explosive!

Sign to avoid: Pisces, they’re too sentimental for you


Taurus Apr 20 – May 20 Artistic/Self-Indulgent


Element: Earth

Your Most Sensitive Body Part: Neck and throat

Lucky Color: Blue-green

What You Bring To The Table: People don’t think money is important in love, but you know that the only way to have a harmonious relationship is when you have a financial security net

Your Bad Love Habit: You have a hard time forgiving

Perfect Matches: Virgo and Capricorn. These pairings will be very stable, yet Capricorn is better for platonic relationships

Your Opposite Sign (because opposites attract): Scorpio, they focus on emotional stability while you’re more focused on material stability. This pairing can get intense and stormy, but it’s ultimately satisfying

Sign to avoid: Gemini, they’re too restless!


Gemini May 21 – Jun 20 Adventurous/Emotional


Element: Air

Your Most Sensitive Body Part: Hands, arms, and shoulders

Lucky Color: Orange

What You Bring To The Table: You’re open-minded and open for experimentation. You also bring intellectual stimulation into a relationship

Your Bad Love Habit: Too much emotional sensitivity makes you nervous

Perfect Matches: Libra and Aquarius. You’ll appreciate Libra’s lack of jealousy and love for culture, art, and having fun. An Aquarius will constantly surprise you, which will make you feel alive

Your Opposite Sign (because opposites attract): Sagittarius. While you are on a lifelong search for knowledge, a Sagittarius seeks wisdom. You will innately understand one another, but you’re both also flighty, so a union may be fleeting

Sign to avoid: Cancer — they’re way too domestic for your free-spirited attitude


Cancer Jun 21 – Jul 22 Romantic/Clingy


Element: Water

Your Most Sensitive Body Part: Chest or breasts

Lucky Color: White

What You Bring To The Table: Your tenderness

Your Bad Love Habit: You have a hard time letting loose

Perfect Matches: Scorpio and Pisces. Scorpios tend to be dominant, which complements your caring nature. Pisces understands your depth of feeling like no one you’ve ever met before

Your Opposite Sign (because opposites attract): Capricorn. Zodiac’s goat is devoted to a relationship and their partner. They have a strong focus on money-making, which makes Cancers feel secure

Sign to avoid: Sagittarius. There will be a strong attraction at first, but a Sagittarius’ wandering ways will make you red as a crab with rage


Leo Jul 23 – Aug 22 Charismatic/Dominating


Element: Fire

Your Most Sensitive Body Part: Back

Lucky Color: Gold

What You Bring To The Table: Your very passionate and know how to draw the line between love and sex

Your Bad Love Habit: You need to take the lead

Perfect Matches: Aries and Sagittarius. Sagittarius will see eye-to-eye with you when it comes to your philosophies on life, while Aries’  fiery nature mixed with yours can start an inferno in the bedroom

Your Opposite Sign (because opposites attract): Aquarius. You two will be instantly attracted to one another. You have a lot in common; both dream big dreams and want even bigger things out of life. Problem is that your approaches are different and this one aspect may be too grating for either to deal with

Sign to avoid: Capricorn. You will dominate them and they will never forgive you for it


Virgo Aug 23 – Sep 22 Intelligent/Fussy


Element: Earth

Your Most Sensitive Body Part: Stomach

Lucky Color: Gray

What You Bring To The Table: That love is pure and should be treated with respect

Your Bad Love Habit: You tend to lack passion in favor of purity

Perfect Matches: Taurus and Capricorn. Capricorn shares your love for perfectionism while you will love Taurus’ big heart

Your Opposite Sign (because opposites attract): Pisces. Virgo is practical while Pisces is a dreamer. One’s a kite, the other a rock. But Virgo’s nitpickiness can easily cut the kite’s string

Sign to avoid: Aries. You like things a certain way and Aries needs to constantly be in control…even when they’re wrong


Libra Sep 23 – Oct 22 Attractive/Indecisive


Element: Air

Your Most Sensitive Body Part: Derriere

Lucky Color: Green

What You Bring To The Table: Your balanced nature

Your Bad Love Habit: You tend to choose beauty over true compatibility

Perfect Matches: Aquarius and Gemini. You will enjoy a rich social life with equally out-going Aquarius while a Gemini is pretty much your perfect match intellectually and sexually

Your Opposite Sign (because opposites attract): Aries. Your attraction to an Aries will be undeniable and vice-versa. Yet Aries may be too demanding and expect a Libra to constantly give them compliments.

Sign to avoid: Scorpio. They’re too dark for your light, sunny nature


Scorpio Oct 23 – Nov 21 Mysterious/Jealous


Element: Water

Your Most Sensitive Body Part: Sex organs

Lucky Color: Scarlet

What You Bring To The Table: Raw, sensual energy

Your Bad Love Habit: Surrounding to another and admitting to yourself that true love needs to be reciprocal

Perfect Matches: Pisces and Cancer. Dreamy Pisces will allow you to take the lead and your differences complement one another, while Cancer’s utter devotion will keep your jealous streak at bay

Your Opposite Sign (because opposites attract): Taurus. You and Taurus actually have a great deal in common when it comes to the way you view relationships. Problem is, you’re also both extremely stubborn, which may make a relationship difficult

Sign to avoid: Gemini. They’re free-loving nature will infuriate you


Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 21 Adventurous/Flirty


Element: Fire

Your Most Sensitive Body Part: Thighs

Lucky Color: Purple

What You Bring To The Table: Your need to communicate honestly

Your Bad Love Habit: To say you have commitment issues is an understatement

Perfect Matches: Leo and Aquarius. Inventive Aquarius will compliment your adventurous spirit, especially since the two of you constant thrive for change. Leo is capable of stimulating you in and out of the sheets

Your Opposite Sign (because opposites attract): Gemini. You’ll love a Gemini’s fun-loving ways, but neither of you are grounded enough to sustain a long-term commitment to one another

Sign to avoid: Virgo. You’re prideful and Virgo’s too critical


Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 19 Wise/Moody


Element: Earth

Your Most Sensitive Body Part: Knees

Lucky Color: Black

What You Bring To The Table: You’re like a fine wine, your love gets stronger with age and experience

Your Bad Love Habit: To be selfless in love

Perfect Matches: Taurus and Virgo. Virgo and you are two peas in a pod when it comes to your outlooks on life. You both want an orderly household and crave success. Taurus, like you, put a high value on money and security, which will make you feel safe

Your Opposite Sign (because opposites attract): Cancer. Cancers long for a secure life, but your aloof nature may not suit their emotional needs

Sign to avoid: Leo. They’re too much of divas for your taste

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Myth One: People on Chat Lines are Desperate

QuestChat callers come from all different backgrounds and are looking for all different types of connections – from wanting someone to chat with or meet up for a date to a relationship or even marriage! Our callers are busy people who know their time is valuable and don’t want to waste time at a bar or leave meeting someone to chance – they are sensible, take-charge people. Desperate is definitely not a word in their vocabularies.

Myth Two: Chat Lines are Filled with Paid Operators

We can’t speak for all the chat lines out there, but QuestChat has never, and never will, used paid operators. We’re all about connecting REAL local singles with other real, local singles. We think authenticity is hugely important and work hard to ensure our lines are filled with awesome, real callers.
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The “Still Single?” Stigma

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Say that ten times fast, betcha can’t!  lol well tongue twisters aside, being single can seem like a life twister too. For some unfathomable reason, people have a hard time seeing each other single.

Why it’s almost as if, well if one of us has the courage to make up our own  mind about our own life and most especially our own relationship status, then it must mean that the paired up among us are what? Too easily influenced by others and DON”T have the courage to make their own decisions in life? hmm? Could that be the real reason we get hounded at every family gathering, Christmas party etc. asking about whether or not we’ve found someone to leave stinky, balled-up socks under our beds?

Just how much of our relationship status is dependent on peer/parental pressure? Not to mention good ol’ society as a whole.

Traditionally it has been the role of the human being to pair up and stay that way and raise little tax-payers. But this is the age of enlightenment and it’s time to live life that way you want it. Quantum physics teaches us that there are infinite possibilities when we aren’t looking and only one when we look right at it. Meaning if all you are shown is one route, that’ is the route you will take, when, just on the periphery of your vision, there are so many unexplored paths! Choosing your own does indeed take courage but don’t you deserve the right to live your life as you want? Within the confines of the law of course J  (Editor making me say that!)

Being single is a glorious state of being for the self-confident but also for the self-exploring. Certainly you must love yourself and know yourself first before paring up with someone else. The journey to you is as fun and exciting as any journey can be.  I love travelling alone. The choice of where to go, to whom I can speak, what to do, what to eat, all up to me and no one to please but myself. Imagine life that way!  When someone poses that tired old question about being single, just tell them you are getting to know yourself first. You are not just going to settle for the first person who wants you just to please someone else.


These are some of my favourite things about living alone (when I lived alone!)

1 King sized bed all for me!

2 The only disgusting, stinky, balled-up socks under the bed are mine. unless they were left there by an overnight guest. In which case I just throw them out!  Which brings me to the next point…

3 Hook-ups….nuff said about that one, it is a way to sometimes get free socks!

4 Mo Money, my money is all for me!

5 Farting….no one needs to know whether or not I actually do it…which I definitely DON’T!

6 Hobbies, OK, so I like to make Adventure Time characters out of plasticene! I don’t need anyone judging me on that!


7 Friends! This is a big one. I love my friends and maybe they are weird but I love weird! I hate having to justify my friend’s behavior to my sig-other. I also hate asking if they can come over.


8 Ice cream and chips…yes I eat them sometimes, sometimes I just might dip one into the other…just saying….my ice cream, my chips, my money, my place!


9 I love yous

Sometimes I don’t want to say it right after you do. I’m not a parrot. I will say it when I feel it or maybe never.  I certainly say it to my dog a lot!

And that brings me to my favourite reason to stay single-

10 MY DOG! Or whatever pets you have. I can have him on the bed, in the car, in the darned shower if he wants to go in there and no one can tell me not to!


Well Kiddies, that’s my take on singleness and just living your life the way you want in general. Always listen to your own mind and please yourself first….as long as you are never rude! I hate rude.