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Best Holiday gifts for 2015

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Ack! and the rush is on. It is hard to find the peace on earth feeling when things in our current holiday social mood are so superficial. It’s seems it’s not a great holiday season without the latest gadget that racks up our credit card debt. Fear not, here are the top gifts for men and women this year that won’t break the bank. If an engagement ring is either on your buy or want list, think again. Christmas is not the best time to propose.  Keep proposals a separate and special moment. If the woman in your life is, or you yourself are, expecting a ring, don’t do it. It puts a lot of pressure on the asker and sets the’ askee’ up for disappointment. Be sure not to ask or imply that this Christmas is the time for engagement, leave that up to the asker and hen you have TWO special occasions to celebrate every year!


Top gifts for men

Riding shotgun in a stock car

$130 at

What guy wouldn’t be THRILLED with this thoughtful, unique, exciting and yes, economical (but he doesn’t have to know that!) gift.


Beer of the month club

12 bottles of premium beer deliverd to his door every month! A real treat for the beer lover in your life, good for Dads too!

Only $110. At


Universal Charging station


Is he always looking for his device charging cables? Well the search is over with this cool power station (not the Robert Palmer one!)  that charges everything all at once. Only $49.95 at


The Cardsharp Credit Card sized folding knofe

Works great, super handy, super ‘gadgety’ just like he loves

Only $19.99 at


And the most popular toy this season is definitely the Drone

Buy a cool Quadcopter drone with HD camera for only $64.99 at

And go sightseeing from any cozy corner you want to hang out in.





And for Her


If your woman is anything like me she is always losing her phone. Wha t could be cooler and more appreciated than the Bluetooth Tracking tag?

Simply attach to your keychain and track down your phone, wherever it is hiding. Only $40 at


Buy her the moon…

…Or at least a piece of it with moon land for sale.  Buy an acre of the moon just for her and someday you can fly her there!

Only $29.99 at


Or if she’s the star of your world

Name a star after her for $19.99 also at


Which brings us to; Twinkle Toes

I love these! Adorable comfort moccasins with a smattering of sequins for the star that she is!

$19.97 at


And very much sought after this year…

The DKNY Soho Watch

Very simple yet elegant, this watch goes wioth everything, so she will take YOU everywhere!

$115 at


Happy holidays and all the best of life and love this festive season!

Keeping it Real

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Well Halloween is over and now we have the way-too-soon Christmas season upon us. If you are like most of us it’s, well, way too soon. I always think of November as my contemplative month. I do a lot of soul-searching and review the past year and plan for the winter, the holidays and the coming new year.  Read More

3 Fun Halloween couple costumes for film lovers!

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Well it’s this Saturday! Yes the sacred and profane, the sugary sweet and sometimes sexy un-Holi-day that we’ve been waiting for all year; All Hallows Even’!

I won’t bore you with the long-winded explanation of the ‘horror-gins’ of the day, let’s just get into the fun part; dressing up in costumes! (now I am singing Games without frontiers all day!)

One of my favourite things to do on Halloween is to watch scary movies. It got me thinking about some cool, crazy, fun or creepy couples from the movies. Not even necessarily just the scary ones. So here are my picks for obscure, sexy, silly, or just plain weird costumes! Read More

How To Ask If Your Relationship Is Exclusive

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5 TV Shows He Doesn’t Want To Watch With You and Why

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