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Dating Someone You Don’t See A Future With: The Pros and Cons

By August 22, 2015Dating Tips

Dating someone you don’t see a future with has had its negative connotations, but it can bring about some unexpected benefits! Although your relationship may not be forever, there’s always a lesson to be learned from each and every relationship you have, no matter how “forever” they seem.

The Pros Of Dating Someone You Don’t See A Future With

You’ll Gain Experience Of What It’s Like To Be In A Relationship

Not all of us are experts at relationships, but just enjoying someone’s company and dating them without the prospect of a future can give you plenty of experience when it comes to being in a relationship. You’ll know the best places to eat out at, the cheapest way to have fun, and how to handle lovers’ quarrels.

 You’ll Get To Know Someone On A Deeper Level

Even if you don’t see a “forever” with this person doesn’t mean you won’t get to know them through dating! One of the benefits that can come from dating someone is getting know them on a more intimate level. When you’ve finally found your “forever partner”, you can always look back and reminisce about how lucky (or unlucky) you were when it came to all the people that you’ve let into your life!

You’ll Learn What You Want From Your Next Relationship

Dating people gives you perspective that is essential to finding and connecting with your “forever partner.” On top of having dated someone you really enjoyed your time with, you can come out of this relationship knowing which attributes you can live with, the ones you can live without, and the ones you can’t live without!

The Cons Of Dating Someone You Don’t See A Future With

You May Be Misleading Them Into Thinking That They Have A Future With You

This is where proper communication rears its importance in dating; it’s always best to be open with your partner about whether you see a future with them or not. If you never address this topic, they may feel that they are going to spend forever with you. Let’s be honest, expectations are always present in any relationship. Misleading someone with expectations you’ll never fulfil is not a way you want to go about a relationship.

You’re Flying By Other People You Could Have Opportunities With

Although you’re enjoying your time with your partner, there are so many other people out there you could be dating! One of those people might even be “The One!” There are times when you should end a relationship that you see no future with, especially if it’s a relationship that’s making you unhappy and unfulfilled.

You Might Get Stuck

Avoid getting too comfortable with someone you don’t see a future with. End the relationship sooner rather than later because in the long run it’s not fair for either of you.


In the end, there’s really no way of telling whether a relationship can last forever. One day, you might find that you actually do see a future with the person you’re dating now. However, don’t wait until it’s too late to realize this!



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