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November 2014

What a Man’s Leadership Skills Can Tell You About His Dating Skills

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You can learn a lot about a man’s dating skills just by observing the ones he possesses as a leader. Is he generous? Supportive? A fantastic listener? The way that he behaves as the lead of a team will definitely tip you off to how he’ll behave as your boyfriend.

He’s Supportive

All great leaders know that supporting the team around you is just as important as giving out orders, so it should come as no shock that a supportive leader would in turn be a supportive boyfriend. Getting the help and love you crave in the times where you need it most probably ranks high on your list, and this is one dating skill that he’s mastered. Read More

Can You Still Connect with Someone Who’s Boring Over the Phone

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The short answer is no. The long answer? Anything is possible, but the chances of connecting in real life with someone who is SUPER boring over the phone are slim to none. Phone chats help warm you both up to meeting in person, and if the guy/gal on the other end can’t make that even a little bit interesting over the line, don’t count on them coming through in real life.

You Either Have Personality…Or You Don’t

A person who is boring over the phone is probably just as boring in real life. Fact. Personality is something you have or you don’t, and it’s also something that’s made evident no matter what the medium. A phone call, a text, an in-person hang – if somebody is fun that becomes obvious just as quickly as it does when someone is a total bore. But if there’s one thing we learn from a boring phone chat, it’s that a real life one would be just as lame! With apps like QuestChat you can avoid an awful date by figuring out if a connection exists over a phone call or message first. Getting the deets BEFORE the meet up – it’s kind of great right? Read More

5 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

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If you’ve started reading this article, then chances are you’ve been questioning just how solid your relationship really is – would you define it as healthy or toxic? Sometimes it can be super easy to see the issues for what they are, and other times you’re so close to it all that it’s completely confusing. Real talk: If you can relate to any of the signs below, it may be time to re-evaluate what’s going on with your partner! Read More

Blog: How to Tell If She’s Interested in Dating You or Just Wants Someone to Talk to

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It’s easy to get into a relationship with somebody before you actually define what that relationship really means — we’ve all done it at some point or another. But there’s nothing more frustrating than wondering how the other person truly feels! Do they want to date you or are you just someone they trust and like talking to? Read-on to find out how to tell if she’s interested in dating you or just wants someone to talk to. Read More

Join us on Thurs Nov 13 for #PlaymateTakeover!

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Listen up, guys! We’re hosting three gorgeous playmates on QuestChat for one hour only this Thursday November 13th from 10pm-11pm ET.

Call in your chance to chat with Charis B (February 2003 Playmate of the Month), Pennelope Jiminez (March 2003 Playmate of the Month) or Christi Shake (May 2002 Playmate of the Month). These gorgeous women will be on the line for a whole hour waiting to hear from you. They can’t wait to answer your questions and get the party started!

Call 1-877-497-0111 or find your local number on our home page here. Remember, there will be a lot of callers – so if you don’t hear their voice greetings right off the bat, try again throughout the hour.

Blog: How to Breakup with Someone You Live With

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Moving in with your significant other can be romantic and fun and usually signals great things ahead in a relationship! But what happens when everything sours and you decide to breakup? Suddenly every move you make (pun not intended) carries so much more weight – because it’s not just an end to the loving relationship that once existed, it’s an end to your entire lifestyle.
Read More

Blog: The Top 5 Reasons Why People Cheat

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We’ve compiled the top 5 reasons why people cheat and although there were different reasons why men and women cheat, we’ve included reasons that apply to both men and women. After rifling through the Internet for answers, most men turn to sex as their primary reason for cheating, but for most women, it’s usually a lack of appreciation and nurture in the relationship that causes them to cheat. Without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons people cheat: Read More