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Blog: 5 Text Messages You Should Never Send to a Female Love Interest

By November 8, 2014Dating Tips

Since most of our dating communication happens through the phone is it really any shock that text message etiquette has become so important? If you want to keep your lady love interest actually interested, take note of these 5 text messages you should never send. Ever.

1. One Word Responses

There is nothing more irritating than a one-word response in a text conversation. It shows your lack of care and interest in the chat being had, and no woman is down to feel like the man she’s talking to isn’t paying any attention. Do yourself a favour and elaborate on those answers!

2. Heavy on the Feels

Multiple messages that contain every single feeling you’ve ever had are a huge no-no! Women love guys who can express themselves, but there’s a difference between opening up, and coming off like a total nut case. Leave the mushy feels for an in-person talk if you don’t want to turn her off completely.

3. Mass Texts

When it comes to text messages you should never send to a lady, the mass text ranks highest on the list. No chick wants to feel like she’s one of a hundred other girls, so if you want to keep things kosher – avoid this type of message at all costs. Use her name and make it personal!

4. Drunken Nonsense

It’s one thing to drunk call someone and ramble into the phone for 10 minutes straight – there’s no real evidence of it ever happening. But with texts? The dumb things you’ve said are in glorious message form until deletion. Not only do you come off super lame the moment you hit send, but she’ll also live through the second-hand embarrassment of the situation the next morning too.

5. Emojis Everywhere

Sending an obnoxious wink face, smiley, crying emoji or any other emoticon after every other word you text is the ultimate turn off. Stop.

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