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September 2017

Moody Blue Is That You?

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Are you a ‘moody’, ‘grumpus’, ‘sad-sack’ or ‘gloomy gus’? Do you think I am talking about some new dwarves that could possibly be the stars of the movie of your life? OK, maybe just the extras, but admit it, we all get down, blue, under the weather, down-in-the-dumps or whatever euphemism for mild depression you want to use. What makes us behave this way? It can be frustrating. Read More

Pick a pretty posey

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What is your favourite flower? Did you know that flowers have meanings and messages and it used to be quite common to send flowers to convey a specific message? I think that is very romantic! In fact one could even insult someone or even break up with them using flowers as your medium of choice. When in chat rooms seeking local singles, it’s a very interesting conversation starter. Find out who is compatible with you by their favourite flower or their birth month flower. Just like your astrological sign, your birth month also has a flower. So let’s delve a bit into the interesting world of flowers and see what it reveals about you and your potential loves! Read More

Make Friends Not Foes of Family

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Family matters
Often in a relationship, whether casual dating, serious, heading for long-term or even just lust buddies, we are faced with the dreaded; meeting the family or friends. It’s inevitable. Sometimes you can just b out together and run into someone. It’s nerve-wracking and hard to prepare for. When seeking local singles on chat lines it’s an interesting subject to ask others about too. So here are some tips on dealing with the stresses and inevitable judgments of meeting his or her significant others in their lives; Read More