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Family matters
Often in a relationship, whether casual dating, serious, heading for long-term or even just lust buddies, we are faced with the dreaded; meeting the family or friends. It’s inevitable. Sometimes you can just b out together and run into someone. It’s nerve-wracking and hard to prepare for. When seeking local singles on chat lines it’s an interesting subject to ask others about too. So here are some tips on dealing with the stresses and inevitable judgments of meeting his or her significant others in their lives;
Smiling. Yes, just smiling a lot is a great tactic when meeting people. They will see you as a friendly and open person who has confidence and that will reassure them that you are good for their friend or family member. Not a phony smile though…that has the opposite effect. Picture them naked with rubber boots that have duckies on them. That’s what I do!
Eye-Contact. Along with the smiling, eye contact is crucial when showing warmth, confidence and genuine interest in people.
Listening. When introduced to someone, always listen carefully to what they say, if learning their name for the first time, repeat it back to them and maybe a little; “Oh that’s a nice name” or “I’ve always like people named that”
Ask them questions about themselves. I love this one. It’s a great way to turn to attention back to them and get the scrutiny off you. Questions like; “what do you do? Do you like it? How did you get into that line of work? Where do you live? Have you lived there long? Is there a good place to buy produce/jeans/pet food etc?” easy to answer questions that may give you a chance to find some common ground. If they have a pet, a good groomer may be talked about. Anything to gently take the heat off you and let them see the wonderful and warm person you are!
Hope this advice helps you out of a tense situation next time you are faced with meeting the friends and family of your lusty lover!

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