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November 2017

Restoring the Balance

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Well you’d have to be hiding in a cave (and if you do, I hope you have a big, cuddly cave bear living with you) to have missed the celebrity sex accusations that have been gumming up the media lately.

#metoo is everywhere and it is about time that this massive wave of fighting back has crested. Too long people in positions of power have abused their celebrity or authority to gratify their sexual needs. No one should have to go to work or school or in cases of caretaker or parents, even home and have to be used as an object to humiliate or use. Read More

Focusing on Friends and Family

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This is the month where we have to be careful not to fall into a funk and feel forlorn.

Yes, that is a lot of alliteration! But it’s true, November can be a sad and dismal month because Halloween is over and we are facing winter and the Holidays. I just read this fantastic blog and I simply couldn’t write it better. This is a good subject to share and discuss when you are in chat rooms talking to local singles. I hope you enjoy this and find it useful. I certainly did! Read More