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October 2017

Some Kind of Kindness

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Has the ‘Milk of Human Kindness’ curdled?


I’ve been thinking about kindness. We all think we are nice people. Good people. But are we? Just because we are not bad or evil, does that automatically make us good? Just as doing an evil or bad thing requires action, doesn’t then being good also require an action? Just simply being is neither good nor bad. It is simply neutral. You don’t hear many people describe themselves as neutral, but most of us are, truthfully. We seem to run our lives in neutral. We shop, with no thought of what or where or who those items we buy came from and at what cost. We simply buy and consume. Even sharks are more selective. Even when a shark makes a mistake and bites a human, they realize that we are not their usual fare and swim away. Now, mind you, the bitten one usually bleeds to death, but that is beside the point. Read More

High PRODUCTion Value

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Are you a product of products?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about products and what make people buy things and worse; buy INTO the advertising around them. I admit there are some products i use that i cannot do without and i would have no way of replicating them at home. Coconut oil, i use tons of and if it wasn’t made for me then i would have no idea how to make it.

There is another product I couldn’t live without; chat rooms! I admit, I am a user of dating sites and chat rooms. I love talking to people and meeting them and I’ve had some good LTRs too, so that’s not a product I intend to give up, nor should I. It makes me happy!  When you are in chat rooms and seeking local singles, ask others what products they can’t live without?

But what about products that clearly we can? When you think about it, a product is something that has been manufactured from raw materials. Myself I am a big buyer of plain old raw materials. I don’t like processed and packaged things and there is a reason; most of this stuff is blatantly garbage. Good things stripped down to their essentials and then packed with filler and harmful chemicals, then packed into pretty packaging and sold via brainwashing manipulative advertising campaigns to, well…us.

Frankly we should be embarrassed to be so easily manipulated. Milk is a prime example of this. The notion of taking the milk of another species, torturing her, stealing her children, locking her in a tiny cage, all so we can drink her milk is bizarre, unhealthy, in fact it’s evil. Yet, we continue to buy it because billions of advertising dollars, product placement in movies and TV shows and even uneducated in the proper nutrition pediatricians have people sold on this sad and scary idea.

Cereal is another thing that is pure profit for companies and has absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever.  A “food” that has to have vitamins and minerals actually inserted into it to make it have any food value at all. Yet if you cooked up a bowl of steel cut oats, or barley or brown rice etc. this would be actual food and have a food value. Or what about things we just don’t need at all but are advertised into thinking we do? Fidget spinners, lash lengthening potions, lip ‘puffifers’ etc. what do we need them for?

A lot of this is just cooked up in advertising agencies just to create a market for something there really shouldn’t be a market for! All I am saying is; it’s time for us as a species to start thinking for ourselves and not walk placidly into stores and shovel over our hard earned money just to make advertisers and the companies they represent happy.

We are better than that! A key component of a happy life is being an independent thinker, learning and questioning what we do and how we can do it better.

Live free. Think for yourself. Love life!

So..when you gonna learn about Samhain?

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What the Samhain?


Ever wonder where Halloween comes from? Before the silly costumes and collection of tooth rotting treats, there was an ancient and powerful celebration.  Samhain (pronounced sow-en) was celebrated on October 31st and was believed to be the night the dead returned to the earth. Presumably to party down with the still living loved ones they left behind! Read More

Beyond bereft

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Dealing with loss

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”

Agnes Sligh Turnbull


My friends, this is a hard one to write. I have debated whether to share it with you but I lost a beloved family member this week. I am beyond bereft. My oldest boy Ursus, was 12 years old and I had rescued him when he was just 6 weeks old. He was a beautiful black lab mix and the joy and soul of my life.

It is even hard to write these words. Sadly it is even difficult to tell people because so many people seem to value human animals over non-human animals and I don’t perceive a difference. Read More