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So..when you gonna learn about Samhain?

By October 12, 2017Style

What the Samhain?


Ever wonder where Halloween comes from? Before the silly costumes and collection of tooth rotting treats, there was an ancient and powerful celebration.  Samhain (pronounced sow-en) was celebrated on October 31st and was believed to be the night the dead returned to the earth. Presumably to party down with the still living loved ones they left behind! When you’re in chat rooms seeking local singles it might be very interesting to see if anyone else knows the real history of Halloween. Traditionally people would celebrate summers end, the harvest and for many, even today, it is the end of the old year and the beginning of the new.  Holding a feast with all the delicious harvest goodies is a big part of that. I myself makes pots of delicious roasted butternut squash soup and give jars of it to my friends as Samhain gifts. We also do a beautiful stuffed and roasted pumpkin that is to die for…. Heh dying not necessary for enjoyment! (but a few zombies never hurts the spooky vibe!)

We like to dress up as the most sacred animals to us, coyote, wolf, cat or goat and dance the night away, under the moon and stars. It is a good time for some gratitude and also to honor those who have passed beyond the veil with some pictures and shared memories.

Learn to appreciate what and who you have, make new friends and honor the old, be thankful and feast on what makes you feel great! Bring back the true meaning of All Hallow’s Evening and see how much more interesting and fulfilling this night can really be. Getting in touch and learning about the past centers us and grounds us in what we are; earthlings, children of the earth. Enjoy this night and be safe but add a few thrills with some real history!

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