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September 2014

Blog: Skype Sex 101

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Got a partner who doesn’t live in the area, but you’re hungry for some lovin’? Thanks to today’s advances in tech, you can take traditional phone sex up a notch into virtual video territory. But before you make the move into online hanky panky, check out these tips to help get you started! Read More

Blog: Phone Dating Vs. Speed Dating: Why Phone Dating Comes Out On Top

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Local Phone Dating Is Safer

Local phone dating gives you the ability to speak with someone without pressure of having to meet up right away and provides a safer way to get to know a potential partner. If someone’s giving you trouble over a local phone dating service line, you can just quickly hang up on them and won’t have to worry about them bothering you anymore. You can just move on quickly to the next call! Read More

Blog: How to Keep Things Fun in Your Relationship Starting with Halloween

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How Spooks Are The New Sparks

When Halloween comes to mind, it usually doesn’t foster romantic feelings or concepts. Couples shouldn’t be so close-minded though! Halloween is one of the best holidays to keep the sparks alive in a relationship. There are endless ideas on how to keep things fun in your relationship with the Halloween tradition. Read More

Blog: How to Tell if You’re Being Friend-Zoned By a Woman

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You know how it goes: man pursues woman, woman is friendly yet stand-offish, man obliviously continues in his pursuit. Men…we feel for ya, we really do and that’s why we urge you to read our signs on how to tell if you’re being friend-zoned by a woman very carefully. For the sake of your dignity, do not—we repeat—do not, take any of this with a grain of salt. Read More

Blog: How to Tell If a Guy is Flirting With You

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Don’t get caught in an embarrassing “is he or isn’t he into me” scenario again! If you truly want to know whether or not that crush is flirting with you, you’ve got to learn to read the signs.

When he finds a way to touch you, you can pretty much take this as a massive sign – the guy is flirting! If you really aren’t sure on his intentions just look for an arm around the shoulder, him grabbing your hand, long hugs, or even a leg brushed up against yours as you sit together. Most men will show you how they feel before they make the move in telling you, so keep an eye out for these subtle signs. Read More

Blog: Why Do Guys Try to Pick Up Women at the Gym?

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Co-ed gyms aren’t just for exercise – these days they’re considered one of the top places to meet other singles! Guys are notorious for trying to pick up women while they tone and tighten, so don’t be shocked if you find yourself getting hit on in the middle of a sweat session. So, what is it that inspires guys to try to pick up women at the gym? The answers are a lot more obvious than you might think! Read More

Blog: 3 Reasons Why Women Hate When You Try to Pick Them Up at the Gym

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The gym is kind of like a second job for women, only difference being that we earn a toned abdomen and a tight derrière instead of money. It would be inappropriate to pick up one of your female coworkers at your place of work and for women the same applies to the place we workout. Here are three reasons why women hate when you try to pick them up at the gym. Read More

Blog: Things Men Think are Romantic That Actually Aren’t

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Most men like to claim that they’re really romantic, but when it comes to the follow through on that romance, a whole other story starts to emerge. We definitely give props to the guys who try, but before you present another teddy bear to your lady, you might want to get a dose of cold truth from this list of things men think are romantic that actually aren’t. Read More