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Blog: Things Men Think are Romantic That Actually Aren’t

By September 18, 2014Relationship Advice


Most men like to claim that they’re really romantic, but when it comes to the follow through on that romance, a whole other story starts to emerge. We definitely give props to the guys who try, but before you present another teddy bear to your lady, you might want to get a dose of cold truth from this list of things men think are romantic that actually aren’t.

Chocolates and Bears

Maybe it was Russell Stover or a major greeting card company that introduced this one, but somewhere along the lines of time men were told that women love stuffed bears and boxes filled with mediocre chocolate. Yes, the thought totally counts guys, but if this is your romance game in a nutshell, you’re doomed.

A Night in Watching the BIG GAME

If a woman were to define the meaning of romance it’s doubtful that it would include the words Monday Night Football. A fun night in together? Perhaps. But eating pizza and shouting at the TV doesn’t rank high on romantic evening activities for most gals.

Fighting Other Guys for You

We get that there have been TONS of movies where fighting another guy to get the girl has been a major plot point, but just stop. She’s not going to dig you getting your butt kicked (so embarrassing), or feel thrilled about you getting cuffed for beating the other dude (even more embarrassing).

A Home Cooked Meal…Made Mostly by You

A delicious home cooked meal* made by your lover can be super romantic, but if you end up being the one REALLY making it, then forget it. Romance officially dead.

*Home cooked does not include Kraft dinner and hot dogs. EVER.

Hot Oil Massages

That oil doesn’t just stay on the skin, it ends up literally everywhere. And by the time it’s all cleaned up, exhaustion hits and it’s lights out. Super sexy intro to a romantic evening? Well, if greasy bed sheets get you in mood then yes, it’s a total win.



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