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May 2014

Blog: 7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Chatting Live on QuestChat

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Blog-QuestChatLoveWe know, we know. Not everyone really understand what QuestChat is. Do you speak with a phone operator? Do you speak with other real, local singles? These questions are completely normal and very, very common. That’s why we’re breaking down the barriers between what you might think QuestChat is and what it actually is in our 7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Chatting Live on QuestChat post. Read More

Blog: Why People Use Dating Apps

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Blog-datingappsIt used to be that the only places to meet a decent guy or girl were through friends or at the office, but thanks to the Internet and genius app creators, access to other singles is unlimited. Instead of sitting around waiting for your Mr. Right to appear out of thin air, open up your options and check out why so many people are using dating apps! Read More

Blog: What to Wear on a Date in Spring

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Take advantage of the fresh spring weather on your next big date by putting together a fun ensemble that’s perfect for the season! Forget those heavy winter coats and bulky sweaters, now is the time to break out your lighter wear (and that goes for guys too)! Figure out exactly what to wear on a date this spring with these outfit ideas: Read More

Blog: So, Your Best Friend is Attracted to Your Boyfriend?

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blog-flirtyfriendSo, your best friend is attracted to your boyfriend, huh? That’s definitely a tricky situation and happens so much more often than you know.

When you’re paired up with a gorgeous, talented and smart man it’s only natural that others will be attracted to him also. You would, however, expect that your closest friends would do their best to fight their urges to pounce on your guy! Read More

Blog: How to Communicate Better in Relationships

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blog-communicationWhether it’s in the office or the bedroom, communication is the key to success. Sound cheesy? Maybe, but if you think about any good relationship you’ve had with a colleague, a friend or a partner, chances are it all boiled down to the way you communicated with one another. Figure out how to communicate better with all of the different people in your life with a little help from these simple tips. Read More