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Blog: So, Your Best Friend is Attracted to Your Boyfriend?

blog-flirtyfriendSo, your best friend is attracted to your boyfriend, huh? That’s definitely a tricky situation and happens so much more often than you know.

When you’re paired up with a gorgeous, talented and smart man it’s only natural that others will be attracted to him also. You would, however, expect that your closest friends would do their best to fight their urges to pounce on your guy!

If you notice that your friend can’t help but flirt with your man and it seems to be more than “friendly flirting”, then it’s probably time to take action. You have a few options, but you’ve got to be strong and hold your ground to do any of them.

Your first option is to let it slide.

If you’re confident in your relationship and your man doesn’t mind the flirtatious comments every once in a while, you could spare your girlfriend the humiliation and just let it slide. With this option, there’s always the chance the advances could increase or become more frequent… and the chance that eventually your guy could start to enjoy them and maybe even want something more.

Your second option is to talk with your man.

If your guy has noticed your friend’s flirtatious attitude, it might be worth speaking with your boyfriend or even having him mention it to your friend directly. This could put a faster stop to the flirting and also saves you having to do it yourself.

Your third option is to sit down and talk with your friend.

If you’ve been friends for a while and you simply can’t deal with the flirting any longer, it’s time to sit down your friend and have an honest conversation. Be honest but kind. Your friend might be lonely and doesn’t even realize she’s flirting with your man. Or, she could have a hidden agenda and really need to be put in her place. Feel out the conversation and take it where it needs to go.

Whatever you choose to do, remember WHY you need to fix the situation. You want to keep your relationship with your boyfriend and maintain your friendship with your friend. And that just might not be possible if things continue as they have been.


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