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October 2014

Blog: What to Do if Your Partner’s Ex Still Calls Them

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Communication in a relationship is key (how many times have you heard that by now?), but what happens if your partner is still communicating with an old flame? Calling an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t have to signal that your relationship is in trouble, or that your partner is looking to cheat! Figure out what is going on by opening up a dialogue – it’s the first and best step in handling a lingering ex. Want to know the second? Then read on to learn what to do if your partner’s ex still calls them. Read More

Blog: The Top 5 Reasons Men Fall Out Of Love

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It was lust all along…

This is one of the most common reasons men fall out of love and it’s a natural cycle. Those first jolts of electricity and chemistry at the beginning of your relationship has love written all over it. However, physical attraction doesn’t always last and when it’s gone, all you should have left is a great companionship, respect and love for each other. It’s possible that your guy may just have confused love with lust. Read More

Blog: Things You Can Tell About A Person Just By Hearing Their Voice

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Apparently, determining someone’s height is one of the things you can tell about a person just by hearing their voice. According to a study held by the Acoustical Society of America in 2013, participants who were given the task of determining someone’s height by listening to their voice can distinguish the tallest of two speakers about two-thirds of the time and could also group people according to their height with a good accuracy. The studies concluded that height has to do with how deep a person’s voice is as taller people tend to have deeper pitches. Read More

Blog: Why You Should Stop Keeping Score of Your Partner’s Mistakes

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If you’re looking to put a serious strain on your relationship, then by all means keep a running tally of your partner’s mistakes! But if that isn’t your end goal (and the guess is it’s not), then stop keeping score of your partner’s mistakes. It’s so important that you learn to deal with the issues as they happen and be willing to truly forgive once they’re over. Read More

Blog: Is it Okay to Stay Friends with an Ex?

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exes as friends
The hardest part about breaking up is the friendship that you lose when all has been said and done. Chances are your partner wasn’t just a lover, but your greatest cheerleader, your confidante, your best friend! So, what do you do after the break up? Is it okay to stay friends with an ex? There’s only one way to determine if friendship with an ex is possible, and that’s by making the ultimate “pros and cons” list. Read More

Blog: 5 Topics To Avoid On the Phone with a Guy

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phone date topics
1) Your Ex(es)

This is always a red flag. Discussing your ex(es) is number one out of all the topics to avoid on the phone with a guy. Why focus on the past when you can focus all your energies on a new potential partner? Talking about your exes and how horrible (or super awesome) they were will give off the signal to your phone chat partner that there may still be lingering feelings and that you might not be ready to move on just yet. Read More

Blog: What You Can Tell About Your Date By Their Zodiac Sign

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It’s all in the stars! Here’s what you can tell about your date by their zodiac sign. Is it headed for destiny or disaster?

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorns need a partner who’s alright with being thrown into their balance of work and play. They need a partner who can introduce fun to them, as Capricorns throw themselves into work and forget to take a breather. They have an offbeat sense of humour, which makes up for their workaholic tendencies and while they are driven by success, money and status, what truly drives a Capricorn (even though they might not openly admit it!) is love. Read More