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Blog: What to Do if Your Partner’s Ex Still Calls Them

By October 31, 2014Relationship Advice

Communication in a relationship is key (how many times have you heard that by now?), but what happens if your partner is still communicating with an old flame? Calling an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t have to signal that your relationship is in trouble, or that your partner is looking to cheat! Figure out what is going on by opening up a dialogue – it’s the first and best step in handling a lingering ex. Want to know the second? Then read on to learn what to do if your partner’s ex still calls them.

Keep a Level Head

Before you completely freak out about your partner’s ex calling them, take a deep breath. It’s important that you approach the situation as calmly as you can (so that you don’t look insane), but also so that you can actually have a conversation. A clear chat about the calling will help you figure out what’s really going on, and help you keep your cool!

Ask Questions

The best thing to do when your partner’s ex-boyfriend or girlfriend calls? Ask as many questions as possible. You want to be very clear about the situation. Get them all out of the way at the start – why they’re calling, how often they speak to one another, what they talk about, and if their ex is going to be a permanent part of their lives! This is your relationship and you have every right to some answers.

Explain Your Feelings

Look, it’s no shock that you hate the fact that your man/lady is still talking with their ex (pretty normal reaction for most people). BUT, have you told your partner how you really feel about it? Unless you want to resent the crap out of your lover, and eventually lead the relationship to a break – you’ll need to be honest about your feelings. It’s totally fair if you’re not cool with it, but explain that so as not to run into more relationship issues.

Get to Know the Ex

If your partner is still talking to their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that usually signals a close connection. This is somebody that your partner cares about, so don’t you think you should get to know them? By making an effort with the ex, you not only put your own insecurities to rest, but you also make it clear that you’re the new guy/gal in town just by being around. Plus, this person might actually be really fun to hang out with! 


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