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Blog: Why He Hasn’t Asked You on a Date Yet

By October 24, 2014Dating Tips

why he hasnt asked you out
Truth: dating is exhausting. Before you’ve even started a connection with someone you’re questioning everything about it, them, their intentions, the timeline of events – It. Is. Endless. Stop all of the rhetorical questioning and get some answers from our article on why he hasn’t asked you on a date yet.

Are You Sending Signals?

It could be that the guy in question hasn’t asked you out because he’s not sure how you’d react! A lot of dudes want to avoid rejection if they can, and if your “date me” signals aren’t strong enough then he might be concerned that you’re not feeling it. Throw a few hints out there and see what happens – you might be on the road to a great first date before you know it!

He’s Shy

If you’re wondering why he hasn’t asked you out on a date yet, maybe you should look a little closer at his personality. Not every guy has the confidence to make the first move, so if you know this man to be on the shy side then why not ask him out? It’s a win-win for both of you. 

There’s Someone Else

Your ex, his ex, a guy you’ve been spending time with that he doesn’t like, his best friend (who happens to be your brother) – whoever it is, they’re standing in the way. He isn’t asking you on a date because somebody else is in the picture and it’s throwing his entire game out of whack! Think hard on who the person is that’s causing the delay and address it with him, you’ll get it all squared away in no time.

He’s Just Not Into You

Real Talk – he’s just not into it girl. Sometimes the universe likes to mess with us (THANKS UNIVERSE) and those signals that you took as “I want you” really just meant “You’re cool as a friend,” sorry. Keep the search alive, because you’re totally going to find someone else.

Playing Hard to Get

Oh the games we play to get attention! You could be dealing with a dude that thinks playing hard to get is the way to your heart. By not asking you out on a date he’s posing the ultimate challenge, so as to gage just how much you want him. This one is tricky because it all depends on how long you’re willing to play games (and if you’re even into the game to begin with). Your move.

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