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Blog: The Top 5 Reasons Men Fall Out Of Love

By October 30, 2014Relationship Advice

It was lust all along…

This is one of the most common reasons men fall out of love and it’s a natural cycle. Those first jolts of electricity and chemistry at the beginning of your relationship has love written all over it. However, physical attraction doesn’t always last and when it’s gone, all you should have left is a great companionship, respect and love for each other. It’s possible that your guy may just have confused love with lust.


Nothing kills a relationship like dishonesty and your guy may have had it with your constant fibs and truth-bending. Many people are forgiving the first few times around, but if you keep exhibiting your lies, you may as well kiss your guy goodbye.


Often times, you and your partner fall out of love just because there’s nothing in common anymore. Sure not all couples have to be clones of each other, but if there is really nothing in common between the two of you, why would love prevail over incompatibility? Guys are looking for someone not only to share their interests with, but values as well. The incompatibility thing might be cute at first, but once it starts making your way into uglier and more serious fights, your relationship problems may never see a conclusion.

 You’re His…Mom?

If he sees you as more of a mother and less of a lover, that’s a warning sign. It’s hard to balance being someone who cares for your man and someone who is a lover. He’s already got his own mother, and while it’s great that you’ve been nurturing and caring for him all this time, he could fall out of love with you because you might be too much like his mom.

He Stops Feeling Admired

I know, I know…guys are incredibly confusing. First, he thinks you’re too much like his mom and now you’re not caring enough? What gives?! Unfortunately, some guys want a balance of someone who is motherly and who is a lover as well. At this point, however, if you’re doing all you can, it’s not you that’s the problem, it’s him who has issues to fix.

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