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Blog: Is it Okay to Stay Friends with an Ex?

By October 23, 2014Relationship Advice

exes as friends
The hardest part about breaking up is the friendship that you lose when all has been said and done. Chances are your partner wasn’t just a lover, but your greatest cheerleader, your confidante, your best friend! So, what do you do after the break up? Is it okay to stay friends with an ex? There’s only one way to determine if friendship with an ex is possible, and that’s by making the ultimate “pros and cons” list.


1. He/She GETS You

Okay fine, you weren’t good as a couple, but as friends? You totally nailed it! Your ex gets you like nobody else and that’s super hard to give up. It might be weird for the other people that you get involved with, but they’ll learn to understand that the relationship now is TOTALLY platonic. Hopefully.

2. Their Family is Special

His mom is the greatest, his dad loves you and his sister is pretty much the sister you never knew you wanted – saying goodbye to them forever just doesn’t seem fair. You can keep them in your life by keeping him in your life and that’s kind of/sort of completely legit.

3. You Can Get GREAT Dating Advice

There’s nothing like the female perspective on dating and relationships, and who better to get it from than an ex-girlfriend? At least your ex can give you some solid advice on women, unlike the words of wisdom you’re used to getting from your clueless pack of pals.



He/She Won’t Move On

You can give the ol’ being friends with your ex scenario a try, but what happens when they can’t move on? Even if the breakup was mutual, staying friends can confuse both people and you run the risk of getting into something messier than the original break. Not ideal.

Weird for New Lovers

Get real with yourself – no one new that you date is going to be cool about you having a best friend that’s also your ex lover. Reverse the roles and be honest: would you be okay with it?

You Find Yourself Falling for Him/Her… Again

Being friends with your ex might be possible, but the chances of you falling for him/her again are pretty high. Don’t forget, this is someone that you once loved (and clearly still have some feeling for if the concept of staying friends is on the table). Are you okay with the risk?



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