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Blog: 5 Topics To Avoid On the Phone with a Guy

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1) Your Ex(es)

This is always a red flag. Discussing your ex(es) is number one out of all the topics to avoid on the phone with a guy. Why focus on the past when you can focus all your energies on a new potential partner? Talking about your exes and how horrible (or super awesome) they were will give off the signal to your phone chat partner that there may still be lingering feelings and that you might not be ready to move on just yet.

2) Hobbies That Are Hard To Relate To

This doesn’t mean stop doing the things you love! Uncommon hobbies such as crystal healing or ventriloquism are hobbies which may be hard for your partner to relate to, especially if you can’t show off your skills! While it’s great to share your interests, don’t get too technical when talking about your special hobby. Stick to layman’s terms and simplify the complexity of your hobby during a phone chat with a guy and he’ll be more than likely to follow along!

3) Whining About How Crappy Your Job Is

Nobody likes to leave an impression as a whiner, but we don’t always know we’re doing it. During your first phone chat with a guy, steer clear of how crappy your job is. This gives the impression that you’re just miserable with yourself and that’s not such an attractive quality! Unless the two of you are closer, avoid bringing in negative emotions and you’ll prevent awkward lulls during your phone chat.

4) Any Family Drama

Just like how whining about a crappy job is unattractive, bringing up any family drama is just as bad. Don’t bring up daddy issues during your phone chat with your partner, otherwise all he’ll see is just drama drama drama. For example, if your parents are divorced, tell him, but don’t go into the messy details of how it messed you up for life and ruined your expectations of relationships.

Plus if this guy becomes serious with you, you wouldn’t want the first impression of your family to be negative right?

5) Celebrity Gossip

Celebrity gossip may just be the reason he hangs up the phone…forever. Not many guys are into the celebrity culture and couldn’t care less about the latest breakup rumours surrounding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. So if you go on and on about celebrity gossip that offers no substance to the relationship, you might find yourself looking for another guy to hold a phone chat with. If you happen to hold a phone chat with a guy who loves celebrity culture, then great! Gab away, but in many cases, save the celebrity gossip for your gal pals.

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