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Blog: Things You Can Tell About A Person Just By Hearing Their Voice


Apparently, determining someone’s height is one of the things you can tell about a person just by hearing their voice. According to a study held by the Acoustical Society of America in 2013, participants who were given the task of determining someone’s height by listening to their voice can distinguish the tallest of two speakers about two-thirds of the time and could also group people according to their height with a good accuracy. The studies concluded that height has to do with how deep a person’s voice is as taller people tend to have deeper pitches.


Age is what you can tell about a person just by hearing their voice and people are surprisingly accurate at determining someone’s age from hearing their voice. However, most people tend to underestimate a person’s age as the person speaking grows older. Fret not though! You most likely won’t think someone’s 35 years old when really they’re 20.

Sex Appeal

A person’s sex appeal can be picked up just by hearing their voice. Generally, men go for women with a higher-pitched and breathy voice as long as it’s proportioned with a smaller body size. On the other hand, women tend to prefer men with lower-pitched voices. 

Lying Skills

Liars give away their covers in their voices. According to a Harvard study, all it takes is 20 seconds. The study participants listened to two 10-second clips of doctors being sued for malpractice. The participants were able to correctly determine who was fibbing and who was innocent. Tones that show “low concern levels” and “high dominance” were the most reliable indicators of lying.

State of Physical Health

The state of physical health is what you can tell about a person just by hearing their voice. The clearer and brighter a voice sounds, the more likely a person is to be in a healthier physical state. Wheezy or hoarse voices indicate that a person’s not in their best physical state.

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