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Blog: Breakup Etiquette: How to Breakup with Someone the Right Way

By October 11, 2014Dating Tips

We’ve all had to do it at least once and we’ve all experienced it before: the dreaded breakup. It’s usually always uncomfortable on both sides and sometimes, you’re just clueless on how to go about it. What’s right? What’s wrong? We’ll tell you how with these top 3 tips on how to breakup with someone the right way:

Do It Face to Face

There’s nothing worse than being broken up with:

  1. over the phone
  2. through text/email
  3. through a post it note (Yeah…it’s happened!)

If you’re thinking of breaking up with someone, give them enough respect and do it face to face. You’ll be more likely to salvage last ounce of civility between you two and you might even end the breakup rather amicably.

Even though it hurts, the best way to breakup with someone is face to face. The person you are breaking up with will be able to better read your emotions through your facial/body language and will more likely react in a civilized manner.

Focus On The Relationship

Don’t pull out the “It’s not you, it’s me” card because all the other person will hear is that they’re the reason you’re breaking up with them. Instead of listing qualities that they were missing in a partner, focus on letting them know how the relationship made you feel. If you feel like you weren’t able to connect with them, be honest.

By letting them know that it’s just a matter of a mismatch, they’ll hopefully walk away feeling like it was just the type of relationship that’s a mismatch. Don’t ever make someone feel bad because they weren’t “caring enough” or “didn’t give you enough attention.” Although these are reasons to breakup with someone, it just means that your energies weren’t connected enough to bring out the full potential of love in your relationship.

Set All Negative Emotions Aside

Before you approach your partner with the notion of a breakup, cast all negative emotions aside. You want to have a civil and calm breakup as much as possible and bringing in feelings of anger or anxiety won’t help the breakup go smoothly. You should also anticipate negativity coming from the other party, which is expected in most cases. If you train yourself to keep a clear and calm head during a breakup, you’ll be able to take whatever reaction from your partner more easily.

One Final Note

Breakups are never easy. Just remember why you’re going to go breakup with a person in the first place and keep in mind that once you breakup with someone, unless they are very forgiving, you might not be able to take it back if you change your mind. So one of the most important things before considering breaking up with someone is if you truly want to sever romantic ties with them.

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