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Blog: Why People Use Dating Apps

Blog-datingappsIt used to be that the only places to meet a decent guy or girl were through friends or at the office, but thanks to the Internet and genius app creators, access to other singles is unlimited. Instead of sitting around waiting for your Mr. Right to appear out of thin air, open up your options and check out why so many people are using dating apps!

No Waiting Around

It’d be great if the hunk of your dreams came strolling into your local coffee shop and struck up the perfect conversation with you, but the chances on that are slim. Sorry. Forget waiting around for somebody great to find you, take control of your fate and look through the hundreds of singles available on any dating site.

Filter Your Date Matches

Thanks to most dating apps, you can filter the kind of person you’re looking for based on interests, appearance, career goals, etc. Of course a friend can hook you up with someone using a similar system, but an algorithm might be more accurate. And a little less miffed if the date doesn’t end up working out.

You Can Take Your Time

There are tons of ways to meet someone, but when you do it through the Internet the pressure isn’t as intense. You can join a dating app and browse for as long as you want before making any moves (which is especially nice for those that are getting back out there for the first time). Go ahead and take all the time that you need, nobody has to know that it took you two months to work up your courage!

More Dates To Choose From

If you only know a handful of single people then your options become SUPER limited. Dating sites have hundreds and thousands of members all looking for a match

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