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Blog: 6 Unexpected Ways to Meet Someone New… In Any City

By May 6, 2014Dating Tips

blog-meetsomeoneIt can be tough to meet new people and no one knows that better than those that are on the single scene! When the bars, dating sites and blind dates fail you, just remember that sometimes the most interesting encounters can happen when you least expect them. Looking for ways to meet someone new? Here are a few places that might take you by surprise:

Public Transit

Ever make eye contact with someone on the subway and wish you had said something? It’s not uncommon! It can be kind of exciting to know that there’s a deadline on making that connection happen, and if you do follow through with a number exchange, you could end up with a great story AND a new friend.

Lines (at the grocer, the bank, coffee shop)

There are so many different ways to meet someone, and when you’re waiting in a line what else is there to do but talk about how long it’s taking? One minute you’re giggling about your coffee order and the next you’re on a dinner date. #linelove

Friend’s Party

Maybe it’s a BBQ or a company event they’ve dragged you to, either way it could be a great opportunity to meet people. The upside on this kind of party situation is that your friend might have the inside scoop on whoever you end up connecting with – which makes things a little less creepy.

PTA Meeting

Next time you’ve got to hit the school for your kid’s parent-teacher meeting, take a look around. Just avoid falling for Junior’s teacher – THAT could get messy.

Charity Function

At least you know you’ve got something in common! Chances of meeting crappy people at a charity-based function are slim, which is great for those looking to invite new friends or possible partners into their lives. Plus, an opening line for conversation is pretty much handed to you in this scenario.

Book Club

Not all book clubs are same sex circles, in fact there are a ton out there that are co-ed. The intention of joining doesn’t have to revolve around meeting a date, but if that ends up being a happy byproduct then why not go for it?

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