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Blog: 3 Reasons Why Women Hate When You Try to Pick Them Up at the Gym

By September 19, 2014Dating Tips


The gym is kind of like a second job for women, only difference being that we earn a toned abdomen and a tight derrière instead of money. It would be inappropriate to pick up one of your female coworkers at your place of work and for women the same applies to the place we workout. Here are three reasons why women hate when you try to pick them up at the gym.

1. It Makes Us Self-Conscious

Nine times out of ten, if you see a woman wearing make-up with her hair down at the gym, it’s because she`s self-conscious; and rightly so, considering that every time she hits the gym men like you try to hit on her. She worries about what you and the rest of her male audience at the gym will think of her because she knows—or at least thinks—you’re watching.

Aside from the fact that it makes us self-conscious, it also negatively affects our workout performance, clogs our pores and wastes our makeup. So if you want to put an end to the viral memes of women wearing makeup at the gym, then please leave us alone.

2. It Interrupts Our Work Flow

Need a bit more convincing? Well consider the fact that finding time to go to the gym is hard enough as it is, so for a man who doesn`t look like George Clooney to interrupt our workout schedule, it`s a huge problem. More often than not, a woman who goes to the gym will be disciplined, optimistic and goal oriented. Aside from our one hour gym sessions, we have corporate ladders to climb, minions to lead and new skills to master. We don`t need you cutting into our precious gym time.

3. It Creates Awkward Situations

Still not quite getting it? Unless you look like Ryan Gosling, being hit on at the gym can lead to an awkward situation. If we`re less than impressed by your bulging biceps and pearly whites, it puts us in an awkward situation because:

a. We have to search for an excuse to turn you down

b. We have to alter our workout schedule to try and avoid seeing you at the gym again

c. We have to embarrass you in front of the many onlookers to your gutsy proposal

Women go to the gym to work out, not to be picked up by men. Don’t ruin our place of Zen by making us feel self-conscious, unproductive and uncomfortable. If you want to pick up women go to, you won’t be shut down.

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