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Blog: Why Do Guys Try to Pick Up Women at the Gym?

By September 20, 2014Dating Tips

Co-ed gyms aren’t just for exercise – these days they’re considered one of the top places to meet other singles! Guys are notorious for trying to pick up women while they tone and tighten, so don’t be shocked if you find yourself getting hit on in the middle of a sweat session. So, what is it that inspires guys to try to pick up women at the gym? The answers are a lot more obvious than you might think!

Common Interests: You’re working out, he’s working out – it’s clear that you have at least one thing in common (even if it’s just on your love for squats). The world of pick up line possibilities becomes massive and his game success looks very likely. Not buying what he’s selling? Tell him you’re super flattered, but that the only date you’re looking to go on at the moment is with the elliptical. He’ll get the picture!

Fitness = Sexy: Hot workout outfits. Toned abs. Sweat. Come on, of course he’s going to take his chances at picking you up! A fit body is a sexy one (at least to most gym bunnies) so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to find that guys get a little turned on by attractive women on the treadmill.

Alpha Male Performance: Working out in front of you is the ultimate way to prove he’s a strong hottie. That tank top shows off his buff arms, the shorts give you a glimpse of his toned legs, and the amount of reps he’s counting out totally prove that he’s powerful. At least that’s the thought process he’s got going on during his pick up attempt!

You’re Alone: On a bar night he’d be forced to play nice with whatever girlfriend you’ve got attached to you, but at the gym he can keep the focus completely on his target! Sure, maybe that seems a little creepy in some ways, but the reality is that most dudes do better without distraction. If you’re alone, he assumes that the likelihood of a conversation is that much greater.



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