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Are you a ‘moody’, ‘grumpus’, ‘sad-sack’ or ‘gloomy gus’? Do you think I am talking about some new dwarves that could possibly be the stars of the movie of your life? OK, maybe just the extras, but admit it, we all get down, blue, under the weather, down-in-the-dumps or whatever euphemism for mild depression you want to use. What makes us behave this way? It can be frustrating.

Especially when we are either in chat rooms seeking local singles or looking for love and companionship anywhere. We certainly don’t WANT to feel this way do we?
So what CAN we do to break these short term visits to Blahsville? Does it seem like that can’t be done? Well you’re wrong! There really are some scientifically proven methods the beat blahs.
Clean it up! Yes a good shower or bath and scrub yourself with a loufa or similar natural fibre exfoliating method can immediately lift your mood. Include a vigourous head scrub and follow that with a good tooth cleaning, coconut oil pulling and flossing. You will immediately feel more elation. It’s true!
This one may be hard to get started but once you do, the endorphin reward is amazing! Exercise. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, brisk walk, lift some weights, yoga or my fave; put on some music and dance!
That brings me to my next suggestion; music! It is proven to elevate serotonin levels, instrumental, classical, opera. Now these may not be your go-tos but once you try it, you will be addicted, in a good way!
Check your vitamin D. If you don’t get enough you can get down, and not in a funky dance way either. Get some sun or take a supplement, remember to always be sure to eat foods and take supplements that don’t contain any animal products and are cruelty free. You don’t want THAT karma on your soul!
Here’s my fave; FALL IN LOVE! there’s many people and ways to feel love, find one and go for it. Love is the best antidepressant there is!
Stay happy and be at peace my friends!

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