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5 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

By November 16, 2014Relationship Advice


If you’ve started reading this article, then chances are you’ve been questioning just how solid your relationship really is – would you define it as healthy or toxic? Sometimes it can be super easy to see the issues for what they are, and other times you’re so close to it all that it’s completely confusing. Real talk: If you can relate to any of the signs below, it may be time to re-evaluate what’s going on with your partner!

1. You Fight…Constantly

Arguing with your significant other is super normal – no couple can be get on perfectly 24/7, but there is a massive difference between arguing and full on FIGHTING. When nasty insults are flung at each other constantly, and fighting with one another becomes a daily occurrence, it’s proof that you need to take a hard look at the relationship you’re in!

2. No More Support

Remember when you couldn’t wait to tell your lover about the new promotion at work? Or how excited you were about some goal you had just achieved? You went to your SO because you knew you could count on their support for any and everything. In a toxic relationship the support often dries up, and going to one another for praise or help becomes a thing of the past.

3. Lies for No Reason

Lying about where you’re going or where you’ve been is one of the most obvious signs that there is trouble in paradise. When you can see that your partner is telling lies (or when you know that you yourself have been untruthful) for seemingly no reason at all, that’s a huge problem. It’s also a major indicator that the relationship has turned toxic and should be either worked through or broken off.

4. A Breakup Once a Month

Can’t keep track of how many times you both have ended it and then gotten back together? Constant breakups and make-ups are in no way healthy for a partnership. You either want to be together or you don’t, so if you’re going through this cycle there is a massive issue that needs to be discussed before you end it for good.

5. You Put Each Other Down…in Front of Friends

You know a relationship has reached toxic levels when you can’t even hide your distaste for one another in front of friends. If you’re putting each other down, fighting in public, or just being outright mean to one another while your friends awkwardly standby – the relationship is dunzo. Stick a fork in this thing ‘cause it’s over.

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