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Blog: How to Breakup with Someone You Live With

By November 6, 2014Relationship Advice

Moving in with your significant other can be romantic and fun and usually signals great things ahead in a relationship! But what happens when everything sours and you decide to breakup? Suddenly every move you make (pun not intended) carries so much more weight – because it’s not just an end to the loving relationship that once existed, it’s an end to your entire lifestyle.

So, how do you breakup? Well, that’s something you can probably figure out on your own, but like we always say – JUST BE HONEST. Explain to your partner that things aren’t working out and that it’s time to end the relationship. Don’t let an apartment that you share get in the way of your ultimate happiness. Staying with someone because you don’t want to deal with breaking a lease or having to look for a new place isn’t just stupid, it’s also totally selfish.

If you’re going to breakup with someone you live with then you’ll need to create a game plan. The plan should include who is moving out and when, what stuff is being split, what housing costs (if any) are still owed to each other, and any other particulars that need to be settled. Who wants to figure out the cable bill debt while breaking up? Nobody, but the point is to clear everything up so that no one is left dealing with it alone.

Even if your breakup was totally hideous, aim to be nice to one another! It’s not easy losing a relationship, but it’s even harder when you’re losing your home and the comforts that you’ve grown accustomed to. It can all feel really overwhelming and totally chaotic, so try to help each other as best you can. It will make things a lot less stressful and just generally easier for everyone involved.

Look, a breakup with someone you live with is never simple. It complicated, it’s inconvenient, it hurts and there are a million different things to talk out and consider. But if you were ready enough to move in when you did, then you’ve got to be strong enough to deal with the consequences of what happens when things just don’t work out.

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