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Blog: How to Tell If She’s Interested in Dating You or Just Wants Someone to Talk to

By November 14, 2014Dating Tips, Phone Chat Lines


It’s easy to get into a relationship with somebody before you actually define what that relationship really means — we’ve all done it at some point or another. But there’s nothing more frustrating than wondering how the other person truly feels! Do they want to date you or are you just someone they trust and like talking to? Read-on to find out how to tell if she’s interested in dating you or just wants someone to talk to.

She Wants to go for Drinks

If she’s making plans to get together with you (at night, with alcohol or dinner involved), it’s safe to assume that you’re much more than just a dude she likes to talk to! Women don’t waste time going on dates with men unless they’re interested, and if you were someone she only saw as a friend she’d schedule you in for a coffee day-date instead.

Her Body Language

You can read so much into someone’s body language, and this is especially true when it comes to figuring out how your lady friend feels about you. Touching your hands, leaning into you while she talks and making deep eye contact as you speak to her are all signs that she’s probably interested in dating. The signs may be subtle, but you’ve got to watch out for them.

The Conversation Topics

What is it that you two usually talk about? If she’s asking for advice on guys every two minutes – you’re just someone to talk to. But if the conversations are usually geared around common interests, and also happen to include some heavy flirtatious banter, then it’s obvious – she likes you.

How Often You Hear from Her

Most women have guy friends, but we usually don’t talk to them multiple times a day. Unless you’re her gay bestie, there’s no reason for her to be texting or calling you all the time – but there is if this chick is into dating you! Count how many times you hear from her in a week, and if it’s more than once you’ll figure out what she wants.

If She Suggests Setting You Up

No girl that is interested in dating you is going to attempt setting you up with somebody else – it completely defeats the purpose. Suggesting a date with one of her friends is a clear indicator that you’re not the boy for her!


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