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5 Things To Consider Before Stepping Out Of The Friend Zone

By August 21, 2015Dating Tips

So you’ve got a good friend who you have romantic feelings for and you’re pretty sure that they feel the same way about you.

Your game strategy is set and you’re ready for the plan execution for “Operation: Escape the Friend Zone!” Before you ask your good friend to go beyond your friendship, here are 5 things you should consider before stepping out of the friend zone.

5. Who It Will Affect

If you guys have a common circle of friends that you regularly hang out with, it’s not entirely wrong to factor them into your decision. Here are some questions to ask yourself: would it be better if you started dating openly? Or would it make more sense to ease them into the idea of the two of you becoming a couple? Your friends should be happy for you, but don’t forget, your decision will affect them too!

4. The Consequences Of Breaking Up

 Nobody likes to jump to the worst conclusion. No matter how hard you fought to get out of the friend zone, there’s always a possibility of breaking up. How would the two of you handle such a breakup? If you feel like you’d be able to go back to being friends post-breakup, then maybe that’s a good sign, but always keep in mind to tie any loose ends in an amicable way. Nothing splits up a group like a bad breakup.

3. How Fast Is Too Fast?

Seeing as you’re friends already, there are many things you probably know about each other that two strangers on a date wouldn’t know. If you were to get out of the friend zone and into a relationship with this person, you should remember to keep a steady pace. You may know them as a friend, but not as a lover! So date them in a timely manner where you’re not rushing to move in together after a couple months of dating.

2. Why Not Just Stay Good Friends?

 Before you try to escape the friend zone, reflect upon your feelings. Is it really true love? Sometimes infatuation can hit us at random times in our lives or you may be experiencing a fear of missing out just because you don’t have a partner. This can often lead us to project our desires onto someone else, making us see them in a different light for a while. If you’re entirely sure that what you feel is really love, then by all means, go for it!

1. Are You Really-Super-Duper-100%-Sure That They’re Into You As Well?

Just because you’re into them deep doesn’t always mean that they’ll reciprocate their feelings back. Always keep that in mind and perhaps you can use this test to gauge their interest in you as a partner: tell them about a dream you had and in that dream, they were your significant other. You mustered up the courage to get yourself out of the friend zone and into their hearts! Watch their reaction: body language can tell so much more than what we say. If their body language seems open and they look like they’re wondering about it, that could mean that they definitely see you as a possibility. However, if they laugh it off or make a comment like, “That’ll never happen! You and me?! No way!!” then you might want to rethink how you’ll confess your feelings to them.


Love’s a tricky situation, no matter if you’re in the friend zone or not. However, what’s important in these scenarios is that you never lose yourself in the process. Many of those who are broken hearted over unrequited loves forget that there’s a sea of others out there; you connect with everyone in a different manner. If you happen to get shot down by this particular love, don’t worry! The right person is out there for you somewhere!



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