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5 TV Shows He Doesn’t Want To Watch With You and Why

By October 8, 2015Uncategorized

With so many shows to choose from these days it is really hard to say there is nothing to watch. Hulu, Netflix and Shomi are just a few of the paid TV subscription services that target their audience and know very well what the viewership wants. There still exist however, a bulk list of shows that no man would sit through if he didn’t have a girlfriend. Here’s some programming that should come with a “prepare to leave the room” warning before turning on.

5. Wife/Ex-Wife Reality Shows

Men really aren’t wondering what the “real” housewives of Atlanta, Beverly Hills, D.C., New Jersey, New York or Miami (those are all real) are up to. Why or how anyone is famous just for being married to another person is its own question, sort of like being famous for being the neighbor of a celebrity, you haven’t really done anything to get fame besides be near that person.

Unless you are one of the ‘Real Housewives of Vancouver’, there is probably no need to watch this.

4. Kardashians/Spin-Offs

Guys really aren’t interested in whatever city Kourtney and Kim are taking, nor which of the 72 daughters are dating the rapper Tyga. Forcing him to watch a Kardashian show is the equivalent of him making you watch Hell’s Kitchen, but instead of contestants there are a bunch of related NFL players that complain about how hard their lives are and instead of cooking they are doing nothing, while Gordon Ramsay is played by Kanye West.

3. MTV Teen Shows

Spoiled 16-year-olds upset over their $200,000 birthday party not having enough ice-swans and other 16-year-olds mad at their boyfriend Jim-Bob always wanting to party at the trailer with his buddies instead of taking care of his newborn are complicated issues that deserve to be on TV. So much so, boyfriends are universally unable to cope with the complexities and are better off not watching.

2. Dance Moms []

Dance Moms is the equivalent to a show focused around parents that get in fights at hockey games and yell at Billy for not being as good as Timmy therefore embarrassing mom and dad. Parading a three-year-old on stage telling her to act beautiful is more than any man can handle watching.

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