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The Sexiest Low-Cost Outfits from a Guy’s Perspective

By September 22, 2015Relationship Advice

Guys know most girls dress to impress each other, not men; they don’t get it and don’t try to. But if you want universal, easy to obtain outfits that 95 per cent of guys think are sexy, then follow us down the yellow brick road (if those existed).

Athletic Gear/Sporty Look

How a girl feels she looks at the gym and how a guy thinks she looks couldn’t be more opposite. For example, the same interaction told by both genders could go like this:

Girl: A cute guy talked to me at the gym, but I felt so awkward, sweaty and gross. I hope he still texts me.
Guy: So I got this hot girl’s number at the gym today, she was wearing those three-quarter yoga pants and a tank top, she was really sweaty…it was hot.

So. Very. True.

Guy’s love sporty outfits on a girl, therefore, yoga pants or athletic shorts and a tank top are a winning combo. Don’t worry if it’s not Nike or Under Armor, no guy is judging you on your brands unless it’s Ugg boots in July. Never underestimate the power of a curved hat and pony tail either.

Simple Example []

Go Getter Example []

Jeans/Jean Shorts & Plain Tee

It sounds simple yet guys say it is easy to screw up. Some outfits they overwhelming dislike, and nothing seems to frighten them more than…

“Mom Jeans a.k.a high waists”

These are so hard to pull off as being sexy without the having a fitness-model body. Also, most men’s mothers are generally from the same generation, so if you want to remind them of their mother, this is how they say it looks to them [].
Men find them unflattering and think it makes butts look long and oddly shaped. If you are getting attention while wearing these than pat yourself on the back cause you must be gorgeous.

Here are a couple affordable examples of what guys are thinking (from American Eagle):

Jean outfit: [] Jean shorts: []

Knee/Thigh-High Socks

Not saying to tie a dress shirt up and say hit me baby one more time [], but knee-highs with a skirt or shorts indeed drive men crazy. It makes legs look longer and more firm; sort of what Lulu Lemons do for the backside.

This look doesn’t have to be slutty at all to be sexy:

With skirt: [] With shorts:[] – 2 []

A few more style options here []

There’s a reason most guys drool over school girl or CosPlay outfits. The socks baby, the socks.
Summer Dress

Men really wish every season involved dresses. It’s obvious why; there’s a dress for every occasion and they can’t resist them. A flowing, cute dress is a head turner.

Of course there’s a dress for every type of girl that is equally sexy as the last:

Retro or Rocker look:[]

Girly Girls: 1 – [] 2 –[]

Slim/Athletic: 1 [] 2-


It’s important to note that most men don’t really care about shoes on a lady. Sure, they can enhance the way legs look, but as long as there aren’t fish swimming around in your platforms [] they likely won’t notice.

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