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3 Pros and Cons About Dating Younger Men

By August 18, 2015Dating Tips

You either love them or love to hate them, but you have to admit; men can be fun to date especially if they’re a little younger than what you’re used to dating. Dating younger men can come with its perks, but before you dive into a younger dating pool, here are the pros and cons of dating younger men.

The Pros Of Dating Younger Men

Young Men Are Looking For Fun

If you just got out of a bad breakup and need a good rebound, or you’re just not interested into settling down, dating younger men is a great option! Since these young men are still figuring out what they want for their lives, commitment and marriage isn’t exactly high on their priority list just yet!

Dating Younger Men Will Keep You In The Loop

One of the benefits of dating younger men is that they keep you in the loop. Through dating them, you’ll be in the loop with all the latest club spots and hot restaurants.

Dating A Younger Man Can Give You An Ego Boost

For many women, growing older can come with certain insecurities. We may not feel as desirable as we used to be when we were younger, but dating younger men can definitely help give you an ego boost. Let’s not forget that, as an older woman, you’re a lot more experienced than your younger counterparts. Having more experience is always appreciated by the younger man, which can make him appreciate you more!

The Cons Of Dating Younger Men

They Might Depend On You A Little Too Much

Dating younger men can sometimes feel like you’re raising a man-child at times. Due to their young age, they may not have acquired the same life skills and wisdom that you have done already. When it comes to dating younger men, there may be those that depend on you a little too much to steer the relationship. Don’t let these younger men drag your dating game down!

Younger Men Aren’t As Financially Stable As Older Men

Since younger men haven’t had the chance to establish their careers yet, they may not be as financially stable as older men. This could mean that you’ll be the one who takes the majority of checks when you’re out on dates. We’re not saying pay the bill every time, but with your man’s limited wallet content, don’t expect him to take you out on swanky dates all the time.

Dating Younger Men Doesn’t Always Mean Commitment

While some younger men are more open to settling down and committing, they’re not all like that. Always practice clear communication with your partner and establish any boundaries or rules before you two keep dating.


In the end, dating younger man can bring a lot of benefits, but it comes with its consequences too! Before you starting dating younger men, it’s always best to weigh out the pros and cons and whether you’ll be emotionally able to handle whatever problems may come your way!


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