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Why You Should Wear Your Sexiest Pair of Panties on a First Date

By December 2, 2016Dating Tips, Sex

First dates aren’t the most comfortable of situations. You want your date to like you, but you have to feel out his personality before you can truly be yourself in fear of completely turning him off. With a sexy pair of panties it’s easy to put all your inhibitions at bay. Here’s why you should wear your sexiest pair of panties on a first date.


Confidence is key in any situation, especially when it comes to your first date. Pulling out the pristine pair of red lace panties from Victoria Secret that you put on reserve for a romantic getaway that hasn’t happened because you’re single is a must! Sure your date won’t see them, but knowing that you have them on will make you feel as sexy as you look in them.

Accidents happen

If you go for the flirty look and opt to wear a skirt on your first date, then well you might be at risk of accidentally flashing your derrière. And nothing says “I don’t take care of my hoo-ha” more than an exposed pair of beige granny panties.

Or perhaps—God forbid—you get into some sort of accident and the hot paramedic who saves your life has to cut off that cute pair of jeans you wore to show off your butt, only to spot a bit of exposed skin through a hole under the elastic waistband of your underwear.

You never know

You left the house saying that you wouldn’t sleep with him on the first date, but you’re absolutely obsessed with his dimples and the way he keeps finding excuses to touch you. The night is going perfectly and he kisses you goodnight. Then you get lost in the moment and a kiss turns into a full-on make-out session in your apartment; but when he tries to take it to third base you have to awkwardly send him back to second.

Your amazing personality can’t shine through a cloud of inhibitions, so expunge them with a pair of hot panties.

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