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Debunking Common Phone Chat Line Myths

By December 1, 2016Phone Chat Lines

Chat Line MythsThanks to a ton of bad jokes and misconceptions, chat lines sometimes get a bad rap! But, do you really know what’s a myth and what’s fact? In this post, we’re debunking three of the most common chat line myths out there.  Buckle up and get ready to change your opinion on chat lines once and for all!

Myth One: People on Chat Lines are Desperate

QuestChat callers come from all different backgrounds and are looking for all different types of connections – from wanting someone to chat with or meet up for a date to a relationship or even marriage! Our callers are busy people who know their time is valuable and don’t want to waste time at a bar or leave meeting someone to chance – they are sensible, take-charge people. Desperate is definitely not a word in their vocabularies.

Myth Two: Chat Lines are Filled with Paid Operators

We can’t speak for all the chat lines out there, but QuestChat has never, and never will, used paid operators. We’re all about connecting REAL local singles with other real, local singles. We think authenticity is hugely important and work hard to ensure our lines are filled with awesome, real callers.

Myth Three: Chat Lines are Old School

Sure, home phones might soon be a thing of the past… but what’s that you’ve got glued to your hand? A Smartphone! QuestChat is portable, easy-to-use and fun. Plus, it’s also available in a mobile app for iOS and Android! Our callers are from all different age groups, and everyone is looking for something a little bit different. See what we mean by calling today – you’ll be blown away by how much fun you’ll have.

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