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Blog: Great Personality, Horrible Sex & How to Deal

By October 2, 2014Sex

There’s nothing more disappointing than connecting with a date everywhere, but in the bedroom! You know the story: the conversation is easy, your personalities work perfectly together and then you have sex – and it’s awful. Not sure how to deal? We’ve got a few options (from the extreme to the super mature) that just might make it all easier.

Escape Plan

So, you wake up after horrible sex with a cool guy/gal and all you really want to do is pull a Macgyver move and run out the door – how do you get away with it? Find your clothes as quickly as possible, give a goodbye peck on the cheek and explain that you’ve got brunch plans with your “insert here”. The goal is to just get out fast so as to avoid any kind of repeat of last night’s nightmare.


It’s not the most mature way of handling the situation, but it’s still considered “dealing” with it. After having had horrible sex with somebody who seemed great, most people usually want to forget that the night ever happened! Avoid engaging in the follow up phone calls and text messages, and eventually your bedroom partner will stop trying to get in touch.

Mom’s Advice 

Deal with that horrible sex situation like the grown up that you are! Imagine the kind of advice your mom might give? It probably would sound a lot like: give your date a call and explain that while you had a great time, you’re not ready to move forward in the relationship. Sure, it could sting, but it’s being as honest as possible without embarrassing anybody.

Try Again

If you want to give your bedroom partner the benefit of the doubt, you could always opt for trying again! Maybe you both had too much to drink or maybe it was just nerves that got in the way – turn that horrible sex into a positive experience with another go at it. This risky move could end really badly, but it could also prove that the connection was just as strong as you originally imagined.


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