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The Body Types That Men And Women Prefer

By May 6, 2015Sex


Men and women are constantly bombarded by the media to look a certain way. Celebrities are photoshopped to create an illusion of the “perfect body type.” More often than not, these photoshopped bodies are unattainable even by the healthiest standards. However, scientific research suggests that despite being bombarded by dysmorphic images, there are certain body types men and women prefer over these images. Read on to find more!


Curvier Lower Backs

From an evolutionary standpoint, men like their ladies with a bit more curve. cites a study done from their research grounds states that, “Women with a ‘theoretically optimal angle of lumbar curvature,’ a 45.5 degree curve from back to buttocks, can most effectively carry out multiple pregnancies — which, back in the time of our ancient ancestors — was the most primal basis for attraction.” What this means is that women who have the most optimal angle of the lumbar curvature were more likely to carry out full-term pregnancies with the least amount of injury; a trait that was mainly associated with attraction back in our caveman and cavewoman days.

A Little Something Extra

The body types men and women prefer may differ from culture to culture, but Psychology Today states that women with a little bit more cushion on their figure have higher levels of DHA, a hormone essential to child growth and brain stimulation. The more DHA supply a woman has, the smarter she seems to be and the more likelihood that she will bear smarter children. However, the same study shows that men like the fat deposits to be on certain places, so a woman with a tiny waist but voluptuous hips would seem more desirable than someone who has fat distributed evenly through her body. So while there is still the evolutionary standpoint from here, there’s still that “visual appeal” that men seek in women.



Beefy, But Not Too Beefy

Body types men and women prefer all seemingly ground from an evolutionary perspective. Foxhound Studio took it upon themselves to conduct a survey comparing the ideal physique of a man from both women’s and men’s perspectives. Their research showed that a man’s ideal body would lean more towards a bodybuilder’s physique, much like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80s! However, on the other side of this survey, most women just preferred their men to be healthy and “muscular enough,” meaning not too bulky, but not too lanky either. However, just because you have that Arnold-esque physique doesn’t mean you’ll scare away the girls! There’s a small subset of girls who like the bodybuilder type, much like how there are guys out there who prefer the skinnier body type on women.

Health Is Wealth

From the same Foxhound Studio survey, most women would prefer their men being healthy and fit over being a little bit chunky. This piece of evidence suggests that women prefer men who are stronger than they are, so that if they’re in danger, the men could easily protect them from harm’s way. Although this way of thinking may seem a little outdated, the evolutionary perspective rings true here again; women, especially when bearing a child, are more physically fragile than men. While women are more than capable of protecting themselves when needed, a man who is physically fit and healthy can withstand more physical pain than a woman.

We’ve Got A Long Way To Go!

Body types men and women prefer have evolved through the ages! But one thing remains certain here: the majority of both genders prefer the opposite gender to be healthy, which makes total sense. If you’re going to invest in a life partner, they better be healthy enough to live as long as you do!




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