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5 Great First Date Ideas for Spring That Won’t Break the Bank

By May 12, 2015Dating Tips


Who said first dates had to be expensive? When living on a budget the key is to use your imagination to keep dates simple, yet fun. Use nature as a backdrop instead of a trendy restaurant or suggest brunch hangs rather than dinner (always cheaper in the end). Let your wallet breathe this spring when you take a few tips from this list of first date ideas that won’t break the bank!

1. Drive-In Movie

Throw it back to a simpler time when you take her on a cute date at the drive-in! Most first dates end up at the movies anyway, but when you choose a drive-in flick over a regular theatre experience you and your date actually get a chance to chat without disrupting other people (and without needing to go out for an expensive dinner beforehand).

2. A “Parisian” Brunch

Forget struggling for great first date ideas – just do as the French do and keep things simple! Pick up your date, grab a few fresh pastries and some good coffee, and go for a walk around town. Explore your favourite places together with the beautiful spring weather as your backdrop. Could it be more romantic?

3. Take in a Live Music Show

Whether it’s a small show in the park or some cool acoustic band at a café, you can’t ever go wrong with live music as a first date idea. Cover is usually cheap (depending on who you’re seeing) and sharing musical tastes up front helps determine whether you and your date have things in common!

4. Coffee on the Boardwalk

As far as great spring first date ideas go, coffee on the boardwalk couldn’t be easier. A coffee date helps keep cost low for those on a budget and the beaches make for a beautiful setting when getting to know one another. If the weather plays nice you could go even cuter by substituting out the coffee for some ice cream cones!

5. Cheeseburgers and Beer

Anyone who claims not to love a good ol’ fashioned cheeseburger and a beer is lying. Period. Not every date has to be at some overpriced restaurant (in fact most people love those who keep it real from the very first), so go ahead and suggest this as an alternative. Burgers and beer are easy on the wallet, super delicious and just an all around great time.


Budget first date ideas don’t have to seem so obviously cheap – it all comes down to how you plan them. If you put a little effort into spring park dates and coffee meet-ups you’re bound to end up with a second date. And if she loves burgers you’re a total shoe-in. Just sayin’.

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