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Phone Chat Talking Points (May Edition)


Phone chats can be a little tricky to manoeuvre, especially if it’s your first time engaging in one! With the month of spring upon us, there are so many talking points to brush up on during your phone chat! Here are the top 5 types of talking points to bring up during any conversation.

Summer Festivals

You can’t have a summer without all the summer festivals! Whether it’s a street fair showcasing many handmade merchandise or speciality food carts, these are always a great topic to bring up because it opens up the possibility for a first date set up! Summer festivals remind us of our youths in a way; carefree and although fleeting, summer festivals are the best way to springboard from a phone chat conversation to a summer romance!

Upcoming Summer Blockbusters

If being outside during the summer isn’t your cup of tea, talk about the upcoming summer blockbusters. You’ll end up seeing if you and your phone chat partner have common tastes in movies. This is especially important in the future if the two of you hit it off: what’s a better way to spend a night than watching a movie you know you’ll both love (or both hate!).

Future Music Concerts 

What screams summer more than music concerts? When the sun’s out bright and beaming, so are those musicians. Pay extra attention as to whether your phone chat buddy is into any certain musicians or a certain genre. Next, look up the music concerts or festivals throughout the summer that match their favourites. Then, if they’re willing to, invite them out to enjoy a day of music! Bond over the music you may have never listened to or your shared love of music.

Sports To Play 

Should you and your phone chat partner be more of the sporty type, try bringing up sports that you can only play in the summer, such as baseball. Getting active during the summer is relatively easy than getting active in the winter, so take advantage of the multiple possibilities to take your phone chat partner out on a real date and get active!

Places To Visit 

There are some places that are just easier and safer to access during the summer. Hiking trails, cottages, or even a different city! Spice up your phone chat by seeing if the two of you share a common ground in a love of travelling and exploring new places. They say variety is the spice of life and a little variety in location can never hurt a budding and young romance!


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