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5 Word Games to Play On Your Next Phone Chat

By May 22, 2015Dating Tips


Texting and messenger apps have seemed to replace the ol’ fashioned phone call for many, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most people have a hard time talking over the line. Relieve the conversation pressure on your next phone chat with these five easy-to-play word games.

1. The Word Connection

Use words that relate to your life in some way and then ask your partner to think of the first word that comes to mind when you say yours out loud. You can use ones that hold special meaning (like the name of your hometown) as well as ones that are funny to keep conversation upbeat and thoughtful at the same time!

2. Favorites

You’ve played it a million times before and there’s a good reason for that – it’s super fun! Go back and forth with your phone chat partner explaining your favorite things based on one-word categories (favorite food, books, movies, etc.), it’s an easy and entertaining way to find out what you’ve got in common with one another.

3. Your ABC’s

Searching for things to say on your latest phone chat? Use the alphabet to help get the conversation started! State the letter and a word that starts with it, then go back and forth until you make your way to the very end. The fun is in testing your memory and listening skills by repeating back all of the words given before revealing the next letter and word in line.

4. Make Up a Story Together

There’s nothing funnier than coming up with a ridiculous story together. You can show off your silly side by building on each other’s sentences until you decide that the tale is over. If nothing else you’ll get some laughs out of playing this game and that’s always a good thing on a phone chat!

5. Twenty Questions

Play a classic game of 20 questions for a little bit of fun on your next call together. Come up with some simple categories and use only words that fit into them as the jumping off point for questions. Then, take turns trying to figure out what the other person is thinking of by guessing with your list of 20 questions.


It’s fun to spice things up on a phone chat with a word game or two – they keep conversation flowing, but they also reveal commonalities between you and your partner. Entertaining AND telling? That’s the kind of game we can get behind!


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