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5 Signs He Might Be “the One” After the First Date

By May 30, 2015Dating Tips


Ever heard stories of people who met and fell in love within days? Hours, even? There are tons of romantic tales out there about couples who knew on the first date that they were meant to be, so why couldn’t it happen to you? Look out for these 5 signs to help figure out if your first date partner is the “one”!

1. You Didn’t Want to Say Goodbye

A sure sign that he might be the one for you is if you found it difficult leaving each other at the end of the date. Maybe it felt like you could both talk forever and never run out of interesting things to say to one another, or perhaps it was just being in his physical presence that really knocked you for a loop! Either way, if you didn’t want to say goodbye then make sure to say hello to another date with this dude. ASAP.

2. The BEST Conversation Ever

It felt easy, free flowing, fun and thoughtful and it was quite simply one of the best conversations you’ve ever had on a first date! Sound familiar? Well then girl he’s a keeper (and yes, he might just be the ONE) because clearly you guys really got each other. Good conversation is cool, but a great one is something definitely worth holding onto.

3. The Chemistry Was Off the Charts

A first date is a great place to find out whether you and your partner have chemistry, but the dates where it’s out-of-this-world amazing are the ones that you really want to look out for. You’ll know that he’s the one for you if the chemistry connection feels off the charts because that kind of experience doesn’t happen with just anyone.

4. You Weren’t Expecting Him

Lots of ladies have ideas on what they’re looking for in a perfect guy, but when someone walks in the door and makes that list irrelevant you know he’s something special. Forget the dude who meets all the requirements (talk about boring), it’s the guy who shows you what you’ve been looking for all along that’s most likely “the One”.

5. He Gets You

Without even knowing you this guy has proven that he understands who you are and what you’re all about, but how? Sometimes people connect in ways that don’t make any sense, but those are the moments that you’ve got to look out for and hold onto! If you go home feeling like your first date GETS the real you then chances are he does.


Not all first dates are created equal, in fact some of them are downright terrible, so when all goes well and things feel right you just can’t ignore the special moments. Next time you’re out on a first date keep the signs in mind – who knows, you might be talking to your “one”!

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