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5 Signs She Wants Your Phone Chat to End… ASAP

By May 28, 2015Dating Tips


Lost on the subtle way she chooses to end a phone call? Count yourself one amongst the thousands of men who have a hard time trying to figure out the ways of women! Look out for these 5 signs that prove she’s trying to end a phone chat with you:

1. Short Answers

One of the most obvious ways to tell if your phone chat date wants to end a call is by the interest shown in her responses. One-word or short answers to your questions paired with a far away tone of voice are great tip offs! Quit wasting time on the line with this lady – she ain’t feeling the conversation. Clearly.

2. She’ll “Let You Go”

Once you hear these three magic words it’s pretty much game over. A polite way of ending a phone chat with someone, this simple phrase signals that she’s ready to hang up on the call, but instead of claiming that it’s something on her end she defers it over to you and your schedule. Best to wrap things up quickly and let HER go.

3. The Other Line is Calling

Did she just drop that her other line is beeping through? If she “has to take the call” then you know she wants to get off the phone chat (if she was really into you she’d tell her other caller she was talking to someone)! Not the most creative way of ending a call, but at least she went for the least awkward out.

4. A Polite Wrap Up

If she starts talking about how she’s got work to get back to or says things like, “It’s been nice chatting BUT…” then she’s desperately trying to wrap the phone call up! Listen for these polite signs and oblige her already – who wants to continue a chat with someone that’s not into it?

5. She Tells You!

There’s no easier way to figure out what she’s thinking than this sign – she straight up tells you that she’s got to get off the phone. Instead of dancing around the subject, she lays it out there and lets you respond accordingly. And that response should be a goodbye.


Not every phone chat is going to go the way you want it to, in fact sometimes you end up on a call that just flat out bombs! But don’t give up – a better connection is only a call away.


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